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The personal touch powers Ausrealty

By Lyall Russell
03 November 2019 | 1 minute read
AusRealty reb

Competition is stiff in the property industry, but one company has decided to compete differently.

“Nike is not worried about Reebok. Both sell shoes, but one has a focus on shoes, the other has a focus on inspiring everyone to be an athlete,” Ausrealty partner Joyce Boustani told Real Estate Business.

This is the approach the team at Ausrealty takes to business; they compete against themselves and give clients the best experience.

To do that we have to map out what are the basic expectations and how can we go 1 per cent above that to create a magic moment, Ms Boustani said.

This naturally tends to happen when a new business opens. They scramble around to make the customer happy, then that drive disappears.

The team at Ausrealty has embraced this value as it has realised people do not want things, but they want the feeling that things give them.

Instead of focusing on an agent pointing out features, we want to know what inspired someone to create a certain home, then make a video from that, Ms Boustani said.

Since Ausrealty first opened shop, it has now expanded to four locations across western Sydney.

It has embraced technology to add value to what it delivers. At the same time, it creates a better workplace for the people who work there.

For us, finding ways to free up their time so they can do beautiful work while being flexible with their day and time is important to use, she said.

For its property management arm, they have introduced a program called Managed, which simplifies how they interact with tenants and landlords.

Additionally, Ausrealty has developed its own app, which makes its agents’ job more manageable.

We have paperless open homes, where agents need nothing but their phones to wow those they serve, Ms Boustani said.

They are always looking for a way to deliver more than is expected at property inspections by enhancing technology.

We do the basics, then send a live video of the inspection – a magic moment. There are hundreds of these moments within our app, she said.

Technology helps us action these at speed.

The personal touch powers Ausrealty
AusRealty reb
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