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New company guarantees home sales

By Lyall Russell
21 November 2019 | 10 minute read
Brickfloor Dean Fraser reb

A new property start-up is trying to take the stress out of selling a home, and it is doing that by guaranteeing a sale.

Brickfloor is operating in Melbourne and Sydney, and with every listing, it agrees it will buy the seller’s home at a competitive price if they cannot find a buyer.

However, if a buyer is found, the seller will get to keep 100 per cent of the money above their agreed price with Brickfloor. The seller will only pay 2 per cent commission on the agreed price with Brickfloor.

“Buying first is a great strategy in a rising market, but our research shows less than 20 per cent intend to do this because of uncertainty around the sale process. Brickfloor eliminates this uncertainty and empowers home owners to buy first,” Brickfloor founder Dean Fraser said.

Mr Fraser claims his home price guarantee is an innovative advancement that puts home sellers’ needs first.

They determine a price after reviewing comparable home sales, seller-provided information, market trends and Brickfloor’s proprietary models.

“Feedback has been incredibly positive, with our customers describing the product as ‘a game changer for sellers’ and ‘a revelation’,” Mr Fraser said.

Julian sold his home with Brickfloor and felt the offer was fair, and he did not hesitate accepting it.

“The peace of mind preceding an auction knowing that I’d been guaranteed a certain price was a revelation,” he said.

New company guarantees home sales
Brickfloor Dean Fraser reb
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