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Cloud-based platform empowers agencies as social distancing impacts server-based businesses

By Reporter
26 March 2020 | 1 minute read
Thom Richards reb

Recent isolation measures and working-from-home directives sparked by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have uncovered stark shortcomings for server-based property management offices.

With new restrictions and government guidelines radically changing the way we interact and work, businesses that are office-bound are being hit hard, particularly in real estate.

Server-based software, as the name suggests, presupposes you are either in the office or using a VPN connection to gain access to your office remotely.

According to Managed App (Managed) director Thom Richards, cloud-based systems like Managed provide the property manager, agency principal, owner and tenant uninterrupted access to the system anywhere that there is an internet connection.

“This totally portable, flexible platform has proved a significant advantage for property management businesses that have already made the switch,” he said.

“In addition to the incredible versatility Managed delivers to its users, it is also Australia’s only property management platform to offer fully automated payments — connecting agency principals, property managers, owners and tenants from anywhere, at any time.”

Richards said this meant faster, more frequent rent paid to landlords at a time that they are concerned about their cash flow as well as greater transparency and speed for agencies.

“This is a major benefit that’s resonating with agencies at a time that revenue is a core concern,” he said.

“We’ve structured the platform so that is has $0 subscription fees, $0 migration fees and reductions in trust accounting overheads for real estate agencies.

“Revenue for Managed is generated through as a small surcharge paid by a tradesperson undertaking work processed via the Managed platform — meaning property managers get the benefit of a cutting-edge system without the costs connected with traditional property management software.”

Mr Richards said that agencies and property management businesses are being put to the test with new work-from-home and social distancing measures, not to mention the pressures that the sector is starting to feel as the government tightens its guidelines.

“We are working hard to help make the transition to more stringent operating conditions seamless for existing customers. Through Managed, they can connect at any time, from anywhere — with owners, tradies and tenants, too. That means great reassurance for landlords as well as tenants at a time that connectivity is paramount.”

According to Mr Richards, over $160 million in payments have been successfully processed via the Managed platform to date.

“For nearly two years, Managed has helped transform many of the daily activities for the property management businesses that have made the transition to the cloud-based platform. We have helped our agencies become more efficient and streamlined while positioning them for greater market share in the future.”

The remote working advantages the platform delivers to agencies also include in-app communication, called Managed Chat, which can be used on any device between property managers, owners and tenants.

“Among other features, we have created a comprehensive action centre that will keep the whole team on task from anywhere in the country, plus managers can stay across multiple offices and company outcomes via optimised dashboard and KPI performance tracking.”

Cloud-based platform empowers agencies as social distancing impacts server-based businesses
Thom Richards reb
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Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan is the deputy head of editorial at Momentum Media.

Emma has worked for Momentum Media since 2015, and has since been responsible for breaking some of the biggest stories in corporate Australia, including across the legal, mortgages, real estate and wealth industries. In addition, Emma has launched several additional sub-brands and events, driven by a passion to deliver quality and timely content to audiences through multiple platforms.

Email Emma on: Emma.Ryan@momentummedia.com.au

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