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Magpie and snake attack wreck open house Good grief...

Let’s hope this embattled vendor and agent have a dramatic turn of fortune and soon enjoy a successful sale.

Stewart Bunn
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Revised national licensing laws won’t be seen by agents

Here we go again. Be it state or federal, we never have a final say in our industry. Just look at the state of affairs in our own state’s laws! New news and ‘adjustments’ are always completed by those who remain unseen and unknown so-called experts. I guess we will need to wait and see what new hurdles they make us jump.

Stan Crook
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Let the politicians enjoy their control. Any flaws will be amended and ironed out by our respective respected knowledgeable state industry bodies.

Bob Wright
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

It’s fairly obvious that the consultation process was just an obligatory measure. It seems that decisions have already been made. Why not ask the individual state governments about the financial incentive to agree with COAG reports - it is about time our industry and the multiplier effect was demonstrated by way of voting power. For too long our industry voices have been fobbed off.

Ian Ford
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Imagine how much effort we would have saved them in correcting it if they had consulted with our industry first!

Annie Abra
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

No need to panic, politicians know what they are doing; they don’t need to consult with industry.

Matt Jones
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Agent slapped with 5-year ban

He should go straight to jail, do not pass go, and be banned for life. Where is the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in all of this? This case should be referred to them.

Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Totally unthinkable that a person prepared to act in this manner would ever be allowed to work in this area again. Life is the only outcome and message to send in this instance.

Peter H
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Elders shifts franchise network to ‘cloud’ computing

Yep, the amount of confidential information available on the Cloud for downloading is simply amazing.

Sourced from rebonline.com.au

I totally agree with Roger. Any computer system (including his own in office server based e-mail system) can be hacked by a skilled hacker. The question is, do you think that the large ‘Cloud’/’SaaS’ service providers such as Google and Amazon, provide a less secure solution than your own in house solution?

Jens Raun
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

Seriously? Google has offered $2 million in the past, to the world’s best hackers to try and find any breach in their systems. You seriously think that if someone is skilled enough to hack into Google they will target a real estate franchise? They’d aim for credit card companies and major international
banks. But that will never happen because their systems are way too good. Yes it happened to Sony and LinkedIn, but their IT departments don’t even hold a candle to Google. If they can hack Google, they would easily hack your trust accounts, CRMs and email if it was on a normal server.

Sourced from rebonline.com.au

New hous ing slumps, no recovery in sight

“Governments have got this all wrong and should never have taken away the stamp duty exemption and incentives for first homebuyers” Governments have got this all wrong and should never have taken away the stamp duty exemption and incentives for first homebuyers. Most first homebuyers buy existing properties and second and third homebuyers purchase land and build new homes. For more people to build new
homes, the market needs first home buyers to buy entry level properties. The incentives need to work together to stimulate new home building.

David Mason
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

David Mason is absolutely correct. However, I would like to see the government go a step further and increase the grant to $15,000 for existing
dwellings. Then we will see a dramatic change to the building industry with those second and third home owners returning to the new housing market.

Garry Graham
Sourced from rebonline.com.au

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