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Software switch decision sets Marshall White for a bright future

By Paula Matlock
17 January 2020 | 1 minute read
Paula Matlock reb

Marshall White took the decisive step to switch property management platforms late in 2019 to support rent roll growth and improve the client experience — helping to position the business for accelerated growth, writes its director of property management, Paula Matlock.

After 20 years building our property management business under one dedicated software platform, we took the bold step to switch and introduce the cutting-edge app Managed App.

It was a rigorous process for us, but strategically aligned to shaping Marshall White’s future. We assessed a number of cloud-based platforms and determined Managed was the best fit. 

We had a clear objective to develop a smart tech architecture in our organisation to support internal processes and enable the property management team to spend more time on customer-facing activities.

I have always been of the opinion that we are a people business and technology should aid and assist, not replace our customer service.

Managed App offers Australia’s first automated payment gateway, which dramatically reduces the administrative tasks that dominate the property management team’s daily workload. This was directly aligned with our strategy.

Our end plan is for property managers to have fewer administrative tasks dragging them down, liberating them to be proactive rather than reactive — and ensuring our customers have the best experience we can deliver.

Our property managers’ administrative workflows have now become a lot more automated, processes are more streamlined and communication with clients is becoming easier. 

The benefits will be experienced across the board with property managers, owners and tenants all using the app. 

Owners and tenants can gain to access all information relating to their property or tenancy, and enjoy faster and more transparent payments and better communication regarding maintenance.

Introducing new tech can be disruptive, which is one of the reasons many agencies continue working with outdated technology. We were once one of those agencies.

The transition to Managed App has been smoother than anticipated and the benefits far outweigh the short-term inconvenience in a migration of software platforms.

While owners now have access to a host of new features, many investors are simply satisfied with money just appearing in their account and don’t necessarily want or need all the new information. 

Being customer-orientated, we’re shaping how we can leverage Managed App to accommodate. 

With type of clients in mind, Marshall White has aimed to replicate the current set-up for how we have provided them with information until our transition to Managed App, and we will slowly introduce the features if and when individual clients want to use them — and their experience and interactions with their property manager do not have to change.

We have now trained the property managers to sell the benefits to an owner and tenant, with new clients being very receptive.

Taking the initiative to advance digital processes has increased our ability to offer valuable customer experiences and maintain our position as an industry leader — something we’re very focused on.

By Paula Matlock, Marshall White property management director

Software switch decision sets Marshall White for a bright future
Paula Matlock reb
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