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Managed digital forms partnership to boost productivity, competitive advantage

By Tim Neary
23 January 2019 | 1 minute read
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Managed App has partnered with ADLForms owner Digital Reign to reimagine digital forms for agencies across the country, in a move that will significantly boost productivity and competitive advantage for principals, agents and property managers.

Managed platform was created to empower real estate agencies to spend more of their time looking after tenants and landlords — and growing their businesses — by automating workflows, reporting, payments, invoices and dramatically reducing rental property administration.

According to Managed co-founder and director Nick Bouris, Digital Reign is already providing forms to over 3,400 agencies across the country and Managed will add another 600 agencies to that number over the next 18 months.
Mr Bouris said that this covers 1,450,000 landlords, according to Macquarie Bank research, which is significant growth for the new platform.
“Managed will also offer existing Digital Reign customers a no-cost migration to Managed valid for the next 12 months as part of the arrangement between the companies,” Mr Bouris said.  
“When you consider that the Managed core platform is free to use for agencies, there are some potentially significant cost efficiencies available to agencies.”
Mr Bouris added that the impact for real estate professionals is significant.
“What this means for agencies and property managers is they’ll be able to access, populate and sign every real estate-related form offered by ADLForms within the Managed App.
“If an agency already has an ADL subscription, the integration will be completely free to use via the platform.”
Mr Bouris said that the partnership is well considered.
“ADL has been supplying forms to the real estate market for over 17 years and has deep legal expertise, not just in NSW but interstate as well. This was critically important to us, as forms set out the legal framework governing relationships between rental market stakeholders,” he said.
“Our customers were clear, they wanted a credible and known forms provider with a proven track record of providing compliant forms that follow each state’s legislation to the letter.”
CEO at Digital Reign Brian Pereira said that he is excited to have Managed as its first “forward-thinking” partner, and is excited to be part of its vision. 
“We want every agency in the country using ADLForms and the strategic partnership with Managed allows property professionals to focus on what they do best, supported by a modern platform delivering a one-stop-shop experience.
“With our new cloud offering and distribution through the Managed App, ADL customers will now be able to access and integrate to our forms with even greater confidence and ease.”

Managed was founded by Thom Richards and Nick Bouris. To strengthen the proposition and to accelerate development, Managed partnered with Momentum Media, the parent company of REB.

After selling his property management business two years ago, Richards joined technology innovator Bouris to build a property management platform that was created for growth agencies, harnessing the latest payments technology.

It connects tenants, landlords, property managers and tradespeople via one platform accessible on desktop, mobile and tablet, across Android or iOS.

Tenants use the platform to pay rent and also lodge requests for maintenance and repairs with the knowledge that the landlord and property manager are immediately notified.

The automated payment system also ensures that tradespeople are paid immediately, increasing competition for maintenance and repairs work for tenanted property.

Landlords also have full visibility of how their real estate assets are being managed, with all critical information curated in one simple-to-access user interface.

Managed digital forms partnership to boost productivity, competitive advantage
BrianPereira NickBouris reb
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