With competition levels at an all-time high, along with a backdrop of disruption and an Australia-wide squeeze on listings, the new REB Dealmakers ranking unveils a group of agents who are separating themselves from the pack by being true masters of their craft - in the face of some seriously challenging headwinds. These agents are setting a truly extraordinary standard of performance that will surely be difficult to match, let alone pass, in the years ahead.

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As the markets shrink and the country’s more experienced agents rise, this year’s REB Dealmakers ranking is unveiled.

As many markets continue to cool around Australia, and as the industry grapples with the relentless influence of disruptive proptechs, the 2018 REB Dealmakers ranking unveils the group of performance agents who are best able to embrace the change and find a way to thrive amidst the turmoil.

These are the agents that continue to set admirable standards of performance, those that will surely prove difficult to keep pace with - let alone pass - in the period ahead.

Now in its second year, the country’s top dealmakers have been unveiled in the report that recognises excellence in the three cornerstones of dealmaking; volume, year-on-year growth and consistency of performance.

The REB Dealmakers ranking, partnered exclusively by VitrineMedia, is the preeminent ranking of real estate dealmakers in Australia.

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This year’s stats show that the profile of a top dealmaker agent is quite dissimilar to what it was in 2017, revealing some interesting trends. This year, the top dealmakers have 15 years’ experience and a consistency score of 97.61. The average deals they closed for the year is 114.4, average deals for the month is 10 and their average growth is 27.

This is against 13 years’ experience and a consistency score of 96.35 last year. Also, last year’s top 10 wrote more deals – 136 average for the year – and had a far higher average growth at 40.


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Total number of deals

This suggests that the profile of the top 10 dealmakers has become more experienced but their rate of business acceleration has cooled, along with their total volume, a situation perhaps not unexpected given the current market challenges.

Contrast this against a typical top 50 dealmaker. Top 50 dealmakers are, on average, two years less experienced. Their consistency score is lower too (96.51) as are all of their average growth, average monthly and average annual deal volumes – 24 and 88.9, respectively.





Years of experience


Consistency score


Growth on last year


Total deals FY2018

This too is largely inconsistent with a top 50 profile a year ago. Experience, growth - both monthly and annual - and consistency, dropped year on year – from 13 to 12 years, 8 and 100 deals to 7 and 88.7 deals, and from 96.72 to 96.51. Only growth increased for the top 50 in 2018 – from 18 last year to 24 this year.

Together, these stats suggest that as the markets begin to shrink, the country’s more experienced dealmakers are rising. Understandably, they are writing less deals but maintaining a solid level of consistency.

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Out of the top 50, 36% of agents responded yes.
Out of the top 10, 40% of agents responsed yes.


This year in the 2018 Dealmaker ranking interestingly Rex Software has leapt to the front of the pack as the CRM of choice.


Average years of experience

Average consistency score

Average growth on last year

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REB will deliver more detailed analysis in the coming months on the REB Dealmakers 2018 - and deliver inside stories from highly ranked agents.

This year's REB Top Dealmakers are unveiled in a special podcast. Tune in now to hear how the top agents were ranked - and the results they delivered this year.