Now in its 10th year, REB’s Top 100 Agents ranking is the premier benchmark for Australian real estate professionals.

The ranking highlights excellence across the board – using sales, listings and volume to definitively rank the brightest and best agents.

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The REB Top 100 Agents ranking once again sets the benchmark for residential real estate sales success.

Made possible through our partnership with ActivePipe, this year’s ranking showcases the agents who defied the COVID-19 induced downturn that plagued much of Australia in 2020.

Those named in this year’s list deserve industry recognition for being among the best of the best in Australian real estate. The REB Top 100 Agents 2021 is also a statement to others; offering a benchmark for success and a record of achievement that others can also aspire towards.


Average years of experience
Average number of support staff
Total number of sales
Total dollar value of sales
Average number of sales per agent
Average dollar value of sales per agent
Average sales price
Average commision
Average days on market

$ 16.2 billion


To generate the REB Top 100 Agents ranking, the number of properties sold, the total dollar volume of properties sold and average sale value metrics are all used.

Each agent is ranked comparatively across these three metrics, with the combined comparative score used to determine the top-ranked agents in the country.

What makes the 2021 ranking so different to years gone by is the sheer pressure placed on agent outcomes by a challenging set of circumstances across the entire 12 months of the reporting period.

Australia-wide, agents battled bushfires and floods, before COVID-19 took centre stage and forced us all into various levels of lockdown.

While it would make sense for these pressures to have lowered sales figures, it’s not what actually occurred, as is evident in this year’s ranking.

Reversing a three-year downward trend, the total number of sales for the top 100 agents jumped to 10,004 – from last year’s 9,124 sales.

It’s an even more pronounced improvement among the top 10 agents, who together reported a whopping 1,524 sales over 2020 – an average of 152 sales per agent – and an increase from the 1,269 reported collectively in last year’s ranking.

That increase in sales volume meant the total value of sales for the top 100 agents has also climbed – by more than $3 billion.

The total value of sales by all agents in 2021 was $16,179,913,712, which is miles ahead of the $12,903,039,487 reported by the top 100 agents in 2020’s ranking.

It’s also higher than the last peak, reported in 2018, when the total values of sales for the top 100 agents had climbed to $15.6 billion.

That increase in sales has been achieved, in part, by quicker turnaround times. In 2021, a top 10 agent is reporting an average of 37 days on market per property. That’s 5 days quicker than the 42 days reported by agents in the 2020 rankings.

Across the top 100 agents, agents are taking a week less to move through stock, with the average days on market now sitting at 38 after 2020’s 45 days.


In 2021, a top 10 agent has, on average, 18 years of experience. In 2020, a top 10 agent had, on average, 20 years of experience. It’s the first time since 2016 that the years of experience held by top 10 agents has dipped below 20 – when 18 years was also the average.

Among the top 100 agents, the years of experience held by ranking agents in 2021 is just 17 – which is one year more than the 16 years of experience held by 2020’s top 100.

And while sales figures have climbed, the total number of support staff has stayed consistent from 2020. The top 10 agents in 2021 is supported by three team members, on average, which aligns with last year’s ranking.

When we zoom out to the top 100 agents, sales support figures were slightly higher this year than last – up at 2.34 from last year’s 2.

$ 162 million


When combined with the surge in sales volumes achieved over the last 12 months, it’s not reaching to say that high-performing agents are getting hungrier – and that experience isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of excellence.


Highest average sale price
Highest number of listings
Highest number of sales
Highest total sales volume
Fewest days on market

Coinciding with an increase in sales, the average sales price per top 100 agent also climbed in 2021.

Across the top 10 agents, average sales price per property was only marginally higher – at $2.21 million from 2020’s $2.18 million.

When looking to the top 100 agents, we see where the largest strides have been made. In 2021, the average sales price pulled in by a top 100 agent was up at $1.62 million.

This is more than $200,000 above last year’s average sales price of $1.41 million.

REB will deliver more detailed analysis of the Top 100 Agents in the coming months, together with inside stories from these highly ranked agents.