Peter Aquilina

Peter Aquilina

Real Estate Dynamics

As a Director of Real Estate Dynamics and CEO, Peter Aquilina leads and drives the Board of Directors’ vision, innovation, growth and development of the business.

Peter ensures that our unique business strategies and plans are in alignment with short term and long term objectives that support business leaders to increase profits and their assets’ value at all stages of their business lifecycle.

Peter enjoys empowering our RED team to produce the desired results that are consistent with the Board’s overall strategy and mission and seeing each team member succeed and also grow personally and professionally.

Peter has extensive business acumen, invaluable knowledge and expertise in the property services industry and its rapidly changing landscape. His expertise in business management, research, planning, product development, presentation, communication and sales in highly competitive, international and specialised markets is invaluable to RED, our Clients, and the property industry and also other external industries.