EBM RentCover’s relationship with the real estate industry ignited nearly 30 years ago, with the development of one of Australia's first landlord insurance policies. Since then, the business has delivered cover to more than 140,000 properties across Australia and provided risk management, education and leadership to those in real estate.

Through its range of insurance solutions, EBM RentCover aims to help property owners mitigate risk by offering extra protection not typically covered by standard home and contents policies.

While having comprehensive insurance is vital, what holds true value is the service and support that come with it. EBM RentCover’s specialised staff work with potential policyholders and property professionals to educate them about the unknown and guide them through the maze of insurance jargon.

To align with EBM RentCover and for more information about landlord insurance, visit RentCover.com.au or call 1800 661 662.