Why listings are won before the lounge room

Tom Panos explains why the best real estate agents begin their listing presentation before they arrive at the vendor’s home.

Leading trainer Tom Panos has a simple piece of advice for agents who want to book more business: “the listing presentation doesn’t actually begin at the listing presentation”.

Mr Panos says the listing presentation actually begins on the telephone when agents set up the appointment with the client.

He provides four key questions that agents should ask during that initial conversation:

---Have you sold a property before?

---What did you like and what didn’t you like?

---When are you thinking of moving?

---Apart from me, which other agents are you involved with at this time?

“These are the sorts of questions that provide you with information that will be extremely useful, because it will mean that when you show up to the appointment, you’re on track with where they are in the seller’s journey,” he says.

Mr Panos says it’s also important for agents to provide 20 references ahead of the listing. These should be people the agent has recently sold for, along with their contact details so the vendor can get in touch with them.

“You want to start from a position of authority and credibility, and by actually having those provided before the appointment it says to a client, ‘Don’t just take my word for it, listen to people that have just dealt with us,’” Mr Panos says.

“What you say to a client is nowhere near as powerful as what a client says to another client,” he adds.

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