3 proven ways to become the top agent in your area

A three-month customer care program for recent home buyers is a key element in an innovative high-engagement marketing strategy launched by one of the highest ranked agencies in this year's Top 50 Sales Offices.

Ray White Robina's chief executive, Scott Burgess, said the office has discovered a number of unique ways to engage with customers and cultivate relationships, which are delivering huge returns for his business. As a result, Ray White Robina is now the “agent of choice” in its local area, he said.

“We try and get a lot more involved in the community and keep in regular contact with everybody in our database,” Mr Burgess told REB.

1. Free movie nights

The agency engages those in its ‘pipeline’ by hiring out the local cinema and hosting increasingly popular movie screenings every quarter, each one attracting close to 300 people.

Mr Burgess said the people in the agency’s pipeline are those who are going to be listing over the next 12 months.

“Each year we seem to be getting better traction by being in communication with people when they’re not necessarily in selling mode,” he said.

The movie nights are a fun and exciting event for those who attend since the agency also offers free gold class movie passes to the person who finds a yellow duck hidden under their seat in the cinema.

“We don't sell the business at all, it's just a way of saying to people, ‘come along, have an ice cream and popcorn and a drink on us – come and watch a good movie’,” Mr Burgess said.

2. The 30-60-90 offering

As part of the Ray White Robina’s after-sale service, a yellow bow is placed on the door of the property on the day it settles, while the new owners are offered a gift box and a range of complimentary services in the subsequent months.

On Day 30 the agency sends a handyman out to the property who will spend an hour free of charge fixing up any loose doors or making any adjustments necessary, as directed by the new owner.

On Day 60 it sends out a lawn mowing company to maintain the garden.

“On Day 90 we send an agent out with an entertainer's booklet," Mr Burgess said. "The agent will sit down with the new owner who's been there for three months, make sure that they're happy with the property and then talk about how we would like to keep in contact with them around what's happening in the market from that day forward.

“By implementing that about 18 months ago, we're getting a lot of repeat business from people in that 18 months that want to resell,” he said.

3. Community engagement

In addition to this three-phase engagement process, the agency also organises personal training boot camps for parents with children in local primary schools.

“The boot camps have worked really well because our area is more of a middle-class-type area and there are a lot of families here, so by being directly in the schools, it's giving us great access to start relationships with people,” Mr Burgess said.

The agency also keeps in contact with members of the Robina community by regularly providing information to the 8,500 people in its database.

“Every month they get a quarterly market review from us that explains what's been happening in the marketplace as well as all the community interaction that's going on,” Mr Burgess said.

“We layer that with things like birthday cards, we have Christmas cards and we talk to them about recent listings and sales.”

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