Can a pool really enhance the value of a home?

A pool can provide monetary advantages at sale time, but there are important aspects to get right so it doesn’t detract from the appeal of the home, according to REIV CEO Geoff White.

Mr White says pools are often considered statement pieces and should always add aesthetic value.

“Pools should complement a property, rather than take attention away from it,” he said.

“Many pools are now almost an extension of the house, making them visible from living rooms and other areas within the home.

“They are available in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for regional areas where blocks are decreasing in size.”

Another factor to take in before building a pool is whether the project will over-capitalise the home.

“It’s also important to be aware of all the relevant standards and regulations that apply to installation, especially in the area of safety. This is vital, as owners need to ensure pool fences are of the highest quality and meet all local and state standards, particularly if the property is being rented out,” Mr White said.

For buyers looking to purchase a home with a pool, the selling agent will be able to provide you with the Section 32 statement, which highlights whether the pool is compliant with council regulations.

However, while it is aesthetically appealing and can enhance the value of a home, a neglected pool can be an eyesore.

“[At inspections,] ensure the pool is vacuumed, the water crystal clear and [it is] clear of leaves and other debris,” Mr White suggested.

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