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Can KEY management help you get ahead in Real Estate? you bet it can….

By Stephanie Lara
25 November 2016 | 9 minute read

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So, you’ve decided on a career in real estate – good move, you may be applying for your CR or renewing your CPD’s or even embarking on a full real estate Licence. Who would have thought that a set of keys could be so instrumental in this process!

How interesting, just last week I attended a ‘think tank’ with lots of like-minded real estate professionals. Over our break I had the chance to chat to this dynamic woman. She had been temping in a “high profile” office in an assistant admin position with the view to working her way through a permanent position in PM.

Now, I hear you say, “Well”?

Being the dynamo she is, professional, ambitious etc., she had been studying for her Certificate of Registration at a local TAFE during this period to achieve her accreditation.  Of course, temping in these types of offices is a fantastic start as they usually have the latest most up to date systems with all the bells and whistles. Of course, the offices she has been temping in have “Keylog”. So, when she learned that I was from Keylog, she turned and said, “Wow, can I tell you, YOU just got me top marks” in my course. Yes, top marks in my latest Key Management Module overview.


The part of the course she was embarking on (NSW) required its students to demonstrate they can understand and comply to the many requirements around holding/managing keys in a real estate office.  She could draw from her experience of using the Keylog system plus she said she went to our website and viewed the products FAQ’s and more in full detail (clever gal).  BOOM – full marks. 

Yes, she is going to the top. . . and fast.

The feedback was music to my ears. She said she loved that the system met the industry standards and had full accountability.  She found the system fast and easy, with the notification system invaluable in tracking down overdue keys out during maintenance requests.

Well done Miss S and thank you so much for sharing your experience….made our day

Cheers Team Keylog

For more info you can LIVE CHAT with us @ Keylog.com.au


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