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New owners take on Central Coast commercial space

By Staff Reporter
31 May 2021 | 10 minute read
Raine Horne Commercial Central Coast reb

A Central Coast commercial outfit has found four new owners, as the business aims to maximise opportunities within the industrial market.

Geoff Tilden, Brad Rogers, Naomi Rogers and Sue Tilden have taken on the ownership of Raine & Horne Commercial Central Coast in New South Wales as the area undergoes a transition period driven by rebounding business confidence, according to the Raine & Horne network.

Mr Tilden and Mr Rogers will be heading up the sales side of the business, with each boasting decades of experience in property sales.

Mr Tilden began his commercial and industrial property sales career during the 1980s, eventually moving on to become the director of Raine & Horne Gosford and Raine & Horne East Gosford while also managing an extensive commercial property portfolio.

“Running a commercial property office has always been something I’ve wanted to do. However, the timing has never been right,” he commented.

“We now believe the opportunity is there, and we are going forward with Raine & Horne Commercial Central Coast 100 miles an hour.”

Mr Rogers also has extensive industry experience, getting his start with Raine & Horne Commercial Penrith 20 years ago.

Back in 2016, he became a member of Raine & Horne Commercial Central Coast and has since earned the second-place office rank in terms of sales transactions.

Mrs Rogers and Mrs Tilden will work in the property management and administrative side of the business, backed by several years of experience within the residential and commercial spaces, and even within government departments.

Mrs Rogers boasts an eight-year experience in residential property and a 15-year experience in commercial property management, including seven years with NSW state government departments such as Central Coast Regional Development Corporation, Hunter Central Coast Development Corporation, and the Office of Strategic Lands.

Mrs Tilden, who will oversee administrative operations, has over three decades’ worth of commercial real estate experience and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading property managers and administrators.

Raine & Horne’s group executive chairman, Angus Raine, has expressed his support for the new Central Coast A-team, which “represents a fantastic coup for the national commercial property brand”.

“Investors and business owners on the Central Coast are extremely familiar with Geoff, Brad, Naomi and Sue as well as a nationally recognised brand such as Raine & Horne Commercial,” Mr Raine commented.

Looking ahead, Mr Rogers expressed the belief that the Central Coast’s commercial market is poised for future growth, with stock remaining extremely limited in both the industrial sales and leasing markets.

“Those businesses on the Central Coast not relying on supply chains overseas have bounced back very well and are doing more manufacturing locally than before the pandemic and now have more orders and need bigger spaces,” he said.

“This demand means the industrial property market in this region is very liquid, and owners are achieving better sales prices than we’ve ever seen, especially if the buyer is an owner-occupier.

“Consequently, if an owner is thinking of selling an industrial property, the timing right now couldn’t be better.”

Apart from the main office on the Entrance Road at Erina, the Raine & Horne Commercial Central Coast team also plans to establish another office in Tuggerah to cover the expanding industrial and warehousing markets in the Central Coast’s northern region.

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