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Perth agency partnership aims to bring Auslan everywhere

By Juliet Helmke
10 March 2022 | 10 minute read
Tony Romano reb

A West Perth commercial agency that knows its strength in marketing will put that skill to good use to assist an organisation supporting the deaf and hard of hearing.

NAI Harcourts Metro and the non-profit Access Plus WA Deaf have struck a partnership that will see the real estate office provide marketing services in aid of the organisation’s efforts to promote Australian sign language (Auslan).

Currently working together to assist parents of newborn babies who present with a hearing loss, as well as parents who themselves are deaf or hard of hearing, the group is starting with a series of materials placed in maternity wards.

Access Plus provides services to the deaf and hard of hearing community, including Auslan interpreting, community language assistance and Auslan training. NAI Harcourts Metro has plans to work with the organisation on more of their initiatives, including within the health, entertainment and local government sectors.

Managing director of NAI Harcourts Metro Tony Romano said he was delighted the company was able to harness their expertise to contribute services to Access Plus.

“I am confident our partnership will bring a greater understanding and recognition by the broader business and general community of the great work Access Plus WA Deaf provides to the deaf and hard of hearing community here in Western Australia,” Mr Romano said.

“I am sure the partnership will allow Access Plus WA Deaf to continue to build its resources and range of services and allow both partners to bring Auslan everywhere”.

NAI Harcourts Metro will be co-branded on the materials created through this partnership.

Rebecca Adam, chief executive of Access Plus WA Deaf, said the partnership would “enhance and enrich our services to our customers through innovation and quality customer experience”.

“Both [organisations] have a long and rich history of providing the best services to the community,” she noted.

“Together we bring materials that provide information to support and educate parents that are deaf or hard of hearing along their pregnancy journey”.


Juliet Helmke

Based in Sydney, Juliet Helmke has a broad range of reporting and editorial experience across the areas of business, technology, entertainment and the arts. She was formerly Senior Editor at The New York Observer.

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