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Putting a finger on Sydney’s future business needs

By Kyle Robbins
12 August 2022 | 10 minute read
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An online survey conducted by the City of Sydney and Business Sydney aims to illuminate the diverse range of issues facing central business district operators.

The business needs survey invites city-wide businesses to share insights on their needs, priorities, and operational challenges, with the findings to be used to shape future support initiatives and programs according to current and future needs of local businesses, as well as advocate for required government support. 

According to the City of Sydney and Business Sydney, the previous surveys have helped drive a series of outcomes, including the al fresco city program, CBD activation grants, the CBD revitalisation campaign, outdoor dining initiatives, and free capacity-building programs such as Reboot and the Charge Up Challenge.

Lord mayor Clover Moore said the city’s business landscape had experienced unprecedented change over the past few years, thanks in large part to the challenges sprung by the pandemic.

“I’d urge all businesses to take part in the survey, so we can better understand their needs, economic trends, and priorities so we can continue to help their businesses grow and prosper,” she said.

Business Sydney executive director Paul Nicolaou has invited all businesses to partake in the survey, whether they operate in retail, tourism, hospitality, and professional services and technology.

“In order to devise and tailor support programs and other business-benefitting initiatives and measures, we need to get an accurate take on what it’s like on the ground for those on the frontline of the city’s business community and I urge everyone to complete this survey,” Mr Nicolaou said. 

He stressed the importance of hearing from a large volume of businesses in order to provide more accurate information and, consequently, a better-informed council that will be better positioned to provide support for businesses affected by COVID-induced problems. 


“The feedback from this survey will inform a variety of stakeholders with an up-to-date snapshot of what businesses large and small need most from the like of council and other government partners and agencies, to best assist the stalled economic recovery of our city,” he added.

Results from the survey will be utilised to monitor trends such as business confidence, the need for capacity-building initiatives, flexible working, diversity and inclusion practices, resilience and preparedness, sustainability practices and more. 

To ensure the survey is available to a diverse number of businesses, it will be available in several languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese, Thai, Korean and Indonesian, amongst others.

The survey is currently open and will remain so until midnight Sunday, 11 September.

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