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Inaugural rural muster illuminates agribusiness opportunities

By Kyle Robbins
01 December 2022 | 10 minute read
chris howie addresses raine  horne rural muster reb q9ykok

The Raine & Horne network has shared that “some of the best and brightest thought leaders” have gathered in Sydney to consider the emerging opportunities in the rural real estate sector.

Travis Wentriro, who organised the muster, said the event enabled Raine & Horne “to fine-tune [its] strategy and vision for Raine & Horne Rural and allow the offices to springboard into the next watershed phase for rural property markets across Australia”.

The Raine & Horne NSW network manager highlighted that the event addressed a number of trends within the agribusiness sector and discussed several issues impacting rural and regional real estate markets. 

Guest keynote speakers also bolstered engagement and included network executive chairman Angus Raine and Chris Howie, national business development officer from agri-finance specialist StockCo.

Mr Raine acknowledged the flooding impacts in NSW’s central west, Southern Tablelands, and the Riverina prevented offices from those regions from attending the event; however, he did state the network “will conduct online video conferencing with them as soon as the flood situation in those regions subsides”.

Mr Wentriro explained the network “have 50-plus offices outside the metropolitan area in NSW alone, and many are longstanding second-generation businesses”.

He outlined the significant crossroads many rural real estate markets currently find themselves at due to succession planning issues.

“In many cases, the second or third generation of a family is running these rural concerns, and they want to set their succession plans in concrete,” he said.

“However, in many cases, the next generation doesn’t want to go farming, which drives plenty of rural sales.

“Our offices want to have a crack at assisting their rural clients with their succession planning.”

As the network enters its 140th year of existence, the focus on rural real estate is “a back-to-the-future move” for the brand.

“Our founders, Tom Raine and Joseph Horne, started as land agents, managing the immense estates for some of the wealthiest land barons in last 19th century NSW,” he said.

Looking ahead, he believes “there are great opportunities in rural farming markets across Australia for our regional offices to explore and expedite”.

Inaugural rural muster illuminates agribusiness opportunities
chris howie addresses raine  horne rural muster reb q9ykok
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