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CBRE ranks top for global commercial sales over H1 2023

By Kyle Robbins
28 September 2023 | 9 minute read
greg hyland CBRE reb y0dl1o

A new report has found no other brand was involved in global commercial real estate sales over the first six months of the year than CBRE.

According to MSCI Real Assets, the firm had a 26 per market share across all property types on a global basis over the first half of 2023. This amounts to more market share than the number two and number three ranked firms combined.

Moreover, CBRE held the top spot for commercial real estate investment sales in Asia Pacific (38 per cent), the Pacific (24.8 per cent) and Australia (25.1 per cent).

Greg Hyland, CBRE head of capital markets, Asia Pacific, believes the “exceptional performance of CBRE across all major asset types in the Asia-Pacific region is a clear indication of the strong relationships and trust that our clients have bestowed upon us”.

He heralded the work of the firm’s capital markets team, adding they will “continue to utilise our extensive regional expertise to support our clients in attaining their investment goals, even in the face of a challenging market environment”.

CBRE held the top spot in MSCI Real Assets global rankings across the five largest asset classes: office (23 per cent), industrial (29 per cent), retail (24 per cent), multifamily (28 per cent) and hotels (26 per cent).

In Australia, the firm held the highest market share in the hotel (42.5 per cent) and retail (32.7 per cent) sectors.

Flint Davidson, head of capital markets, Pacific, at CBRE stated the firm is “very proud of our service offering to clients not only across the traditional sectors in Australia and New Zealand, but across the emerging and alternative sectors as well”.

“This, together with our ability to connect with our market-leading colleagues across Asia and the globe, gives our clients unique insights into capital flows and information,” Mr Davidson concluded.

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