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Flexible workspace company acquires Australian commercial tenancies firm

By Sebastian Holloman
09 May 2024 | 9 minute read
sean lynch instant group reb ure0m3

In a bid to further expand its commercial real estate solutions across Australia, The Instant Group has acquired Navigate Property Consulting.

The acquisition was reported as offering Australian clients a comprehensive suite of services encompassing the entire lifecycle of commercial tenancies.

With The Instant Group offering a vast array of flexible workspace and commercial real estate solutions, the expansion was further described as responding to the rise in demand for flexible workspaces across various key markets in Australia.

Having recently opened their first managed office in Sydney, the global firm detailed that Navigate Property Consulting’s experience managing the entire lifecycle of commercial tenancies the country over will enable the company to expand their delivery and service capability.

Sean Lynch, chief client officer, APAC and EMEA, for The Instant Group, stated that “this acquisition further broadens our capability to serve our client base across the Australian market, presenting significant opportunities for growth and expansion”.

“Clients can now access a wider range of workspace solutions and consultancy services, tailored to their unique needs and requirements,” Lynch expressed.

Navigate Property Consulting, under founder Paul Mead, was especially lauded by The Instant Group for its specialisation in end-of-lease resolution on behalf of tenants.

Mead himself was revered by the business for bringing 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. His skills in complex project delivery and lease exit strategies have been described as perfectly aligning with the goals and mission of The Instant Group.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mead shared he is “excited” to be joining The Instant Group.

“Working collaboratively with the global Instant team will enable us both to expand our complementary services to benefit our partners and clients,” Mead concluded.

Flexible office spaces are becoming increasingly popular across Australia, with recent research from The Instant Group indicating Sydney’s interest in flex desks outperforms major cities such as New York, Berlin and Singapore.

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