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Accentuate the positive

By Heidi Walkinshaw
01 May 2015 | 1 minute read

As the daily grind of property management ticks on, property managers sometimes become very busy for myriad reasons.

It could be the general tasks, the clients you deal with or even something like straying off course and not following your preferred week.

It is important for your own mental health and productivity that you take a moment once in a while to refocus and reconnect with yourself and the tasks at hand so that you don’t become overwhelmed.


This industry, like most, can bring out the best in people. However, it can sometimes bring out the worst. In our travels, we often have to contend with sources of conflict, whether it be from the clients or, worse, at the hands of ours competitors.

Let’s face it, we live in a country where the wildlife is often trying to kill or maim us, let’s not also turn on each other. It’s good to remember that in the end, we are all running our own race and in Property Management, we all share similar challenges. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. It can be very difficult sometimes to focus on the positive when there are so many challenges thrown our way, so we are going to look at five steps to help keep as many of those 60 seconds of happiness as possible. 

Choose to be Positive

  • Every day something goes on in the world that is much bigger than events where you are. it’s all a matter of perspective. Every day when you get up, you can choose whether to grab life with both hands and run with it, or sink into a puddle. It’s up to you to decide how you will do this, and look, there are some days that you may only have the strength to have a shower and change your pj’s. That’s ok too. 

Remove negativity from your life

  • As much as possible. Of course, you cannot completely control every aspect of your life and you will still have to deal with the yucky stuff from time to time, but it’s a good idea to deal with it, let it go and move on.

Find the positive in your day

  • I have recently been shown something getting around the pages of Etsy called a gratitude jar. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go with all of that popping a note in the jar each day for something that you’re grateful for stuff, but it is good for the soul, no matter how bad your day might get, to try and find the silver lining.

Share your positivity 

  • Positivity can be infectious, so throw that stuff around like glitter. Everyone loves a shower in glitter and things that sparkle, right? Even if it’s just sharing a smile with a stranger in the street or checking in with your ship mates who may be having a rough day, to see if they are ok.

Don’t assume

  • You know the old saying about assumptions? It has something to do with a donkey? It’s not productive to assume that you know what is going on in someone else’s life. Kindness goes much further than idle gossip and the next time you expand your lungs to express something negative about a person, stop to consider if it is actually doing your own wellbeing any good. Focus on running your own race.

Remember that there will always be those who want to bring you down. Take a moment and a breath and remember the good things. Pull up your comrades in arms and remind them that when they are down, we are all on the same path to creating something great in this industry and once we can achieve the positive and the great together, the negative nancies will fade into the background. 

My grandmother always told me that no matter what life throws at you, tomorrow is yet another day and a chance to start again. So, what will your tomorrow bring?

Accentuate the positive
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Heidi Walkinshaw

Heidi Walkinshaw

Heidi has been immersed in property management for over 14 years’ dealing in all aspects from leasing, property management, business development and team management. Adding to the mix with 5 years as a Trainer and Consultant, Heidi has worked with small and medium-sized rent rolls in implementing systems and procedures to increase efficiency, growth and profitability within agencies. 

Heidi brings enthusiasm and energy to Real Plus and is passionate about system implementation; procedures and staff training that can assist in reducing stress and saving time while helping clients have a more profitable property management business. 


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