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There is no room for hubris in our industry

By Adrian Bo
05 April 2023 | 1 minute read
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There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but when hubris and ego become part of an agent’s marketing “strategy” or daily approach towards business dealings, it creates an undesirable reflection on our great industry. 

There’s nothing wrong with “success marketing”, including promoting listings, sales and client reviews, and there is also nothing wrong with becoming an attraction agent by building a personal profile. In fact, all brands now, whether it’s a large franchise group or an independent organisation, have become excellent platforms for agents to build their own businesses within those businesses, and their own bespoke profiles and USPs. Most large franchise organisations even encourage using the brand name as a prefix to the agent’s name or own brand. In fact, one of the most burgeoning models within the industry is the “agent direct” model, where the brand name is either complete abstract or simply a “subtext”, for example, “Powered By”. 

There is no room for ego in any of these models; we simply need to stamp it out. We must remember we are not curing cancer or pretending to be brain surgeons; we are simply here to be the humble servant to nervous buyers and sometimes quite anxious sellers. Our clients require us to be a guiding, trusted adviser who operates with full transparency, integrity, and honesty. An example of hubris rearing its ugly head in real estate is when a property video showcases the agent more than the home! The client and the property should be the “star of the show”, not the agent. In saying that, I firmly believe property videos are an outstanding marketing tool; however, nobody wants to see the agent driving their flashy car into the driveway and then jumping out in slow motion! The perfect video includes either the agent or a professional presenter providing a brief introduction followed by a collage of stunning images overlaid with an appropriate sound clip and drone footage. Leave the ego out of it.

Adrian Bo is the CEO of Adrian Bo Real Estate Training & Auctions

There is no room for hubris in our industry
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