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Your mindset determines your outcomes

By Warren Tate
02 October 2023 | 1 minute read
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Have you ever been running late for a listing presentation, rushing around the office, grabbing what you need, racing to the car, speeding to the property, jumping out of the car and knocking on the front door?

If you are reading this, I would say the answer is a big yes, and maybe more than once.

Is that the way you want to show up for a presentation to secure a new property? Your mind will be racing, your breathing will be erratic, and you will have cortisol (the stress hormone) racing through your blood. You may think you are OK; however, the potential client will see and feel your stress.

The following steps will ensure that you are prepared for your listing presentation and will show your potential clients the very best version of you.

  1. Take detailed notes when making the appointment, taking special notice of how the potential client speaks and the words they use. The descriptive words used during your initial conversation should be repeated many times throughout the presentation. Meanings of words are within people, not the words themselves.
  2. Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook research the potential client for further insight as too who you are meeting and to provide further information on their communication style and what is important to them.
  3. Thirty minutes prior to the appointment plus travel time, sit in a quiet room and review all of the information regarding the potential client, the CMA and what is important to them.
  4. Arrive at least five minutes early and commence box breathing for four minutes. This has been proven to relax your entire body and provide oxygenated blood to the brain, enabling quick and clear thinking. Google it if you don't know how to box breath.
  5. As you walk towards the door, ensure that your mind is clear of any thoughts other than, “I am here to serve my potential client and answer all questions, so they think I am the best agent to market their home, they feel confident, comfortable and trust I have their best interest at heart and finalise the agreement.” This can be in the form of a mantra or simply something you say in your head.
  6. You only have 2–7 seconds to make a first impression, be ready. Say hello with a BIG SMILE, shake hands (this is more complicated than what you may think), and have a prepared introduction/knowledge statement to show confidence and to direct a sit-down conversation before the viewing of the home.
  7. Google Mark Latham versus John Howard handshake to understand the importance of a handshake.
  8. Step inside, square up your shoulders, hips, and feet to face the client, look into the eyes of the person and shake at the same pressure you receive and then deliver your knowledge statement.

Always sit with the potential client/s to ensure it is all about them and not you. Ask questions and understand them and build likability all while watching their baseline body language.

Warren Tate is a performance coach at Harcourts Victoria.

Your mindset determines your outcomes
warren tate reb zdw8r7
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