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Husband-and-wife sales team find an advantage in complementary skills

By Staff Reporter
21 November 2023 | 4 minute read
sonja chris dunbar reb q9zld6

An Adelaide independent has welcomed a high-performing team to the outfit in husband-and-wife duo Chris and Sonja Dunbar.

The sales partners, now of Turner Real Estate, have been working together for the past two-and-a-half years, after a career sabbatical led Ms Dunbar to dip her toe into real estate.

The duo soon realised that with their complementary strengths they could offer a level of client service that ensured meticulous attention to detail.

Ms Dunbar brings a background working career in creative roles – floral design, interior decoration, marketing and brand management among others. The long hours and international travel associated with her most recent role before real estate were the impetus to taking a six-month sabbatical, during which time Mr Dunbar suggested she join him in his work.

Mr Dunbar has worked in sales for his entire career while also gaining experience in operations during a stint as general manager for a real estate firm. But with his passion for real estate rooted in client interaction, Mr Dunbar has found the most satisfaction as a sales agent, particularly now with his wife by his side.

“We both have our lanes and unique skill sets that complement one another, making us a force when working together,” the duo commented.

They cite Mr Dunbar’s skill in negotiation and ability to pick serious buyers out of the pack as his strength in the team of two. Ms Dunbar, meanwhile, is the “chameleon” who can make anyone feel at ease. Her experience in design also allows her to see the potential in any home, helping vendors to position their properties to attract a wide range of buyers.

In their work life as well as free time, the duo are passionate community members who are quick to espouse the benefits of the city of Mitcham, which they call home.

“We work all over Adelaide of course, nowhere is out of bounds, but our core area has been within the City Of Mitcham – specifically Colonel Light Gardens, Lower Mitcham and those surrounding suburbs. We live in CLG, our three teenage boys all have part-time jobs in the area, we shop locally and walk to nearby coffee spots daily – we love our area,” the duo noted.

They particularly recommend Colonel Light Gardens for home hunters prioritising space as well as accessibility, who are keen to move into a neighbourhood that will be spared from increasing density.

“Colonel Light Gardens is very unique in Adelaide being the only heritage-listed suburb. Built originally as a military base for returned servicemen, the homes are unique to the period and council regulations strictly keep any changes/renovations within the heritage standard. There is no subdivision allowed so as our city grows and becomes more densely populated. CLG remains a precious ode to the past, and property is very tightly held for this reason,” the Dunbars explained.

But no matter where they’re working, they are clear in their offering to their clients – no matter the property.

“We made a deliberate decision from the outset that we would do things óur way’ rather than be dictated to by the broader real estate industry this means we are authentic, honest and approachable at all times. We don’t give a home of smaller value less attention/effort than a property of higher value,” the couple said.

“Every single dollar counts to our vendor so it matters to us. We don’t make promises we can’t keep,” they added.

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