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Your second greatest superpower

By Manos Findikakis
27 March 2024 | 11 minute read
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If discipline is a great agent’s primary superpower, consistency is the attribute that ranks as a very close second.

After all, it’s the commitment to undertaking a specific activity with monotonous regularity that separates mainstream athletes from those who are the top performers, good leaders from great leaders, and average agents from the exceptional.

Consistency beats intensity

Defined as “the quality of always behaving in the same way or of always having the same standard”, consistency is that relentless commitment to doing what needs to be done to get to where you want to go.

It’s the dedication to undertaking the repetitive tasks which we know get us the biggest results.

Those tasks may not be fun. They may not be glamorous, they may not even seem that groundbreaking, but constantly doing them unleashes a powerful force that can help individuals achieve their goals and improve their lives.

By consistently taking small actions towards a desired outcome, one can develop positive habits, increase self-discipline, and build momentum towards success.

Consistency also has the potential to create a layering effect where performing one consistent task leads to another and another, with each subsequent activity amplifying the one before it.


And that’s where consistency beats intensity. As the saying goes it “eats hard work for breakfast” because the regularity of performing that one action creates the flow-on effects that reap the big results.

Consistency impacts everything

Regardless of what your goal is, consistency has a role to play.

If you’re looking to master a skill, it’s consistently practising and honing that activity that allows you to first become proficient, then expert.

If you’re looking to create a habit, it’s consistently committing to that activity that allows it to become part of your routine.

Every great leader draws on consistency – in their actions, their response and their attitude. Consistency becomes part of what they are known for and how they become relied upon.

In fact, consistency underpins any relationship. It’s the attribute that allows you to build trust, reliability and credibility.

Meanwhile, consistently staying committed to a particular path or approach allows individuals to demonstrate their determination and build resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks.

Consistency is critical to real estate

Consistency is absolutely critical in the real estate industry.

It is a key characteristic of every high-performing agent, every great property manager, every amazing administrator.

Those who are consistent develop the essential skills needed to be masters of their trade. They have the habits to ensure they deliver what is promised.

Their consistency creates repeatable, scalable results and success. Consistently doing activities as and when they are needed is also the foundation of productivity.

Meanwhile, consistency builds the trust and credibility that underpin strong relationships, both professionally and personally.

It also allows you to carve a niche in your marketplace as someone who is known for what they do and the results they attain.

So it begs the question, what is it that you need to do consistently to make a major difference in your role or in your business?

Is it consistent networking, marketing, communication, skills building, time blocking, downtime, or exercise?

Yes, it might require dedication, commitment and a single-minded belief that it will pay off, but if you embrace consistency as a tool to achieve a goal, you can be guaranteed that investment will be worth it.

Not only does consistency help with productivity and professionalism, it helps us become better partners, better parents and better humans as well.

Manos Findikakis is the CEO of Agents’Agency.

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