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Twin offices up brand’s Sydney presence

By Sebastian Holloman
11 June 2024 | 9 minute read
one agency CP group team reb omr6ui

One Agency has added two new offices within the south-western region of Sydney.

The network announced that two new outposts, located within Liverpool and Campbelltown under principals Simon Perri and Nick Constantine, will be launched under the One Agency C&P Group banner.

One Agency reported that the two principals’ choice to transition into their network was influenced by the “flexible” nationwide backing offered by the group, their initiation into the network described as a “significant shift towards independence” for the two new agencies.

The two principals’ decision to join One Agency was further described as being “driven by a desire for operational freedom, and a quest for a strong sense of identity, brand, camaraderie and marketing resources”.

“We found exactly what we were looking for with One Agency focused support from an established group dedicated to enriching its members,” Perri stated.

Constantine was similarly satisfied with the network’s onboarding process, the principal highlighting the “seamless transition” process facilitated by One Agency.

“The move to One Agency was smooth and well-coordinated, a reflection of the group’s commitment to excellence and member satisfaction,” said Constantine.

Commenting on the expansion, Paul Davies, CEO and founder of One Agency, expressed his “excitement” at welcoming Simon, Nick and their team to One Agency’s network.

“The C&P Group’s ideals and customer service excellence align seamlessly with our network’s values, promising to significantly benefit home owners and investors throughout south-western Sydney,” the CEO concluded.

These new offices continue the growth One Agency experienced earlier this year in the network having grown their membership personnel count to over 700 this January.

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