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Prospecting takes the spotlight in new course

By Orana Durney-Benson
10 July 2024 | 11 minute read
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It may be an agent’s bread and butter, but prospecting strikes fear into the hearts of many agents. Here’s how one network aims to tackle this problem head-on.

Laing+Simmons has unveiled a brand-new training course that will equip agents with a toolkit for effective prospecting.

“People can baulk at cold calling,” said head of network performance, Angela Avgerinos, who collaborated with Jacqui Barnes, head of people and growth, to bring the program to life.


“In the news recently, we’ve heard some young agents in particular are averse to even picking up the phone,” Avgerinos recalled.

The mission of the new training course, known as The Prospecting Academy, is to teach agents that “these and other skills can not only be taught, but that perceived agent weaknesses can become genuine strengths”.

The course will run for 22 weeks, and will reportedly include guest training from high-profile industry leaders.

Everything from cold calls and call backs to buyer qualifying and matching will be covered throughout the duration of the course.

Training sessions will focus on 21st century prospecting techniques, such as leveraging social media and creating listing buzz, while mindset tips such as advice on pushing through rejection and the art of the follow up will empower agents with the mental fortitude to tackle challenges head-on.

“From the agent perspective, prospecting is the launch pad for the entire sales function but is considered by many as a matter of chance,” said Avgerinos.

“Regardless of an agent’s experience or track record, we believe there’s a more appropriate mindset and skill set to bring to prospecting which agents can and should take real ownership of.”

In an industry that is famously competitive, Laing+Simmons hopes that this investment in talent will give their agents an edge.

“It’s a dedicated program aimed at elevating prospecting capabilities in a way that’s new to the industry, one which will revolutionise our approach to sales training and supporting our network partners and the agents in their teams,” said Barnes.

“More than just an investment in cutting-edge resources and insights from the best-of-the-best in the industry, The Prospecting Academy exemplifies our commitment to equip Laing+Simmons agents with everything they need to excel in today’s competitive market.”

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