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Introducing agents to a new way of selling off-the-plan

By REA Staff Writer
21 November 2017 | 9 minute read
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Hundreds of residential agents, financial planners, mortgage brokers and accountants are discovering a new avenue for sales through realestate.com.au’s latest initiative, Marketplace.

The digital tool, powered by realestate.com.au’s Property Platform, gives selling agents access to a previously untapped network of developers, builders and project marketers who have off-the-plan projects ready to sell.

Having launched in September, Marketplace has been quickly adopted by the property industry with hundreds of users joining within the first month.

To celebrate the success of the launch, users are able to sign up to a free trial of the platform, with many quickly recognising the opportunity to reach beyond their existing sales networks. It’s a promising start, says Andrew Rechtman, REA Group Executive General Manager – Residential.

“Marketplace is allowing real estate agents to introduce their database of buyers to a selection of new off-the-plan properties. It’s great to see that the platform is already being used, and presents a great opportunity for other agents who may be seeking to expand their business in off-the-plan markets.”

With the ability for users to create tailored professional profiles, Marketplace allows agents to discover the right properties for their buyers, as well as improving the speed and efficiency of off-the-plan sales.

The current offering is just the tip of the iceberg, with new features to roll out in the coming weeks.  


How can you get involved?

If you’re agent-side and looking to access property for your buyers, the first step lies in setting up a profile, and promoting your expertise within the industry. From there, it’s time to search.

Discover projects relevant to your portfolio and geographical location, and review images, configurations and price ranges. Once you’ve found a development suited to your buyers, act on the opportunity by requesting to connect and sell that off-the-plan project.

For developers, builders or project marketers with a project to sell, the process is just as simple. After publishing a project on Marketplace, the owner manages connection requests from selling agents, reviews their profiles in detail to ensure they’re a suitable fit, and grants access to the agent to sell.  

With a strong foundation of users already on the platform, plenty of industry professionals are buzzing about Marketplace. With so much more in store, now is the time to get ahead of the pack.  


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