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Keys going missing? It’s an age-old problem

By Content Partner
01 November 2016 | 10 minute read

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We’ve all heard it before: ‘Who’s got the keys?’ – and then people start racing around looking for the missing set. It’s an age-old problem in real estate as so many keys are managed, and keeping track of who is borrowing them can be difficult.

The handwritten key book just can’t manage this process any more, given the volume of rental and sale properties under management today. Now there is an easy solution: Keylog.

Keylog is a premium cloud-based solution for managing all types of property keys and more. With a suite of modules within the system, Keylog can manage many processes in your business that you need to keep track of on a daily basis, essentially replacing manual books and tasks that take up time and productivity.

Based across Australia and New Zealand, Keylog was the first dedicated Australian designed application to truly address the issue of managing property keys. Keylog services the real estate industry as a whole, including strata companies and holiday agencies; essentially any business that needs to manage and track keys, assets, staff and more. They have identified the problem of manually trying to keep track of items that are borrowed within your business and created an easy-to-use, efficient and economical cloud-based system to alleviate those processes and procedures that are largely forgotten or ignored.

The platform was designed around the client’s needs and requests, ensuring that the latest features and technologies are applied consistently. Since inception in early 2014 Keylog has delivered ongoing, exceptional service with a dedicated in-house development and support team. With over 1,300 users accessing Keylog every day, it is the go-to system for tracking keys.

If you need an efficient system in your office to manage client keys and more, Keylog is the best solution for you.


For more information or to chat live, visit keylog.com.au.




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