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7 ways to get digital marketing to work harder for you

By Tim Neary
08 December 2016 | 11 minute read
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The advantages of social media over traditional marketing methods are endless, but there is also massive potential for wasting your time online. Here are seven tips to extract the most from your social media activities.

1. Stay relevant 

Social media specialist and Knackmap founder, Josh White, says you can learn plenty from other people’s digital marketing strategies.


“But a lot of it may be irrelevant to your journey so don't get caught up,” he says.

2. Overuse

Mr White points out that more activity does not necessarily mean more success.

“Be measured with your activity,” he says, adding, “Over time, align the time you spend working on your digital marketing with activities required to get the goals you’re aiming for.”

3. Take your time

There are thousands of potential platforms you could use to promote your business online and hundreds of ways to use each of these.

Mr White cautions against over-stretching. Instead, he suggests choosing your platforms carefully, starting small and building up from there.

4. Use the right resources

Being young doesn’t automatically equate to being a digital marketing expert, Mr White says.

“And being the first ‘digital guy you meet also doesn’t equal your best option. This is an investment, so focus on what will bring you returns.”

5. Have a plan

Mr White says there is only one thing better than having a plan and that is sticking to it.

“A plan will ensure that you have a to-do list, stay on track and dont waste time.”

6. Use tools

Mr White advises using tools that will streamline your activity and ensure your digital marketing strategy is implemented smoothly.

“HouseQ is a social media marketing automation tool which allows agents to promote listings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram without having to dedicate time to making that post at that specific time,” he says.

7. Measure and refine

Just because something worked once, it does not mean it will work again.

“Always check yourself, measure against goals and refine your actions to ensure you get the most out of your efforts,” Mr White says.

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