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Blogging v vlogging

By Tiffany Wilson
21 May 2021 | 4 minute read
Tiffany Wilson 2 reb

Whether you are a real estate agent getting your name out into the world or a real estate agency making a mark on local communities, producing quality content is important. Blogging and vlogging are two great ways to communicate with people online. But which is better?

There are pros and cons to both options and, ultimately, the impact will depend on the resources you have available to you and which option is most aligned with your talents.

What is a blog and a vlog anyway?

A blog is essentially a written article, usually about a subject matter you have experience with, or it can be a discussion. A vlog is almost the exact same thing but in a video format.

Why blog?

A blog gives you the opportunity to include detailed information such as statistics and examples. This format can be better suited for content that is information heavy. As an agent, sharing your expertise is important to gain the trust of prospective clients; a blog that articulates your industry knowledge can go a long way.

The major benefit of a blog versus a vlog is that it will drive traffic to your website and can also help to increase your search ranking on Google. However, to achieve this, you need to blog about relevant content frequently — at least once to twice per month. There are many factors that influence your ranking on Google, so do not rely on blogging alone — get yourself some professional advice.

If you are not a confident and skilled writer, the thought of drafting an article can be overwhelming and cause roadblocks to getting your content live. In this case, you may wish to consider working with a journalist or ghost writer.

In order to get your blogs out into the world, you will need a website/blogging platform to host it on and a distribution channel to share your blogs. It is one thing to write a blog, but how will you get the right eyeballs on it? Email newsletters and social media can be the answer for distribution of blogs.

Why vlog?

As a real estate agent, showing your personality and connecting with people is key to listing properties and building your database. Vlogging is a great way to let your personality shine because it is visual. The tone of your voice can be easily understood, your smile and face can be seen, and you have the opportunity to make eye contact with your audience. These are all valuable benefits of a vlog.

Another benefit of a vlog is you can host the content on your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You do not need a website to publish this content.

Vlogging can be more time-consuming than blogging, too. Most people need to set aside some time to write a script or at least some bullet points for a vlog unless you are a whiz at ad-libbing.

Consider your own skill set. Are you a better writer or do you present well on camera? Playing to your strengths is always the best way to go, as it will make the process quicker and easier.

Setting up proper camera equipment, lighting and a backdrop will contribute to a polished vlog, and some professional help may be required to edit the video. However, a handheld iPhone vlog could do just as well if filmed in a quality setting with good lighting and sound. If you have the funds to go for a professional crew, that is always my recommendation. That way, you can just turn up and record the session. Even better, you could potentially batch together filming a couple of vlogs if the content will not date.

Tiffany Wilson is the director of Chronicle Republic.

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