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Queenslander’s business takes flight with a new marketing strategy

By Orana Durney-Benson
06 October 2023 | 11 minute read
Place Nundah selfie wings marketing campaign reb b3gkxh

A Brisbane agent’s interactive marketing strategy has injected some fun into his efforts for local exposure.

Thomas Coussens, real estate agent at Place Nundah in Brisbane’s inner north, has always been one for dual-purpose advertising. He explained that he seeks to “promote myself, my brand, and my personality in an interactive and fun way that supports the local community”.

Children might not be every agent’s first choice of target audience – most kids’ pocket money doesn’t stretch to property, after all – but Mr Coussens felt that the school held an untapped opportunity.


Approximately 700 students walk past the school gates “twice a day, every school day”, Mr Coussens said. A playful, interactive banner could turn “everyday standard drop-offs and pick-ups” into a golden marketing opportunity.

Degree of difference was key to Mr Coussens, who had observed several “‘sponsored by [insert agent]’ banners on schools”.

But the Brisbane-based agent is the first to admit that these generic banners “provide a certain level of subconscious branding, nobody really takes any notice of them”.

Mr Coussens’ solution was to place a ‘selfie wings’ poster outside of Milton State School. A proud sponsor of the school attended by his own children, Mr Coussens had been offered the opportunity to place an advertisement on the fence, and the ‘selfie wings’ concept sprang to mind.

The life-sized blue wings have been a social media hit, with Mr Coussens reporting that the campaign has “received generous feedback from the community by way of photos being texted to me, being tagged in photos on social media, and general passing comments from people telling me how much they enjoy it”.

Mr Coussens shared that one recent text message he received from a member of the school community thanked him for the poster, saying: “We love it. Thank you for making our neighbourhood a happy place.”

Interactive marketing has been on the rise in recent years, and the Place Nundah campaign shows that real estate is well-placed to capitalise on the trend.

Mr Coussens said that the success of this campaign has gotten him thinking about “ways to further promote interaction with this idea through competitions on social media”, and that he also has “some other fun ideas that I’m playing around with”.

“I will definitely do more interactive marketing campaigns,” the agent promised.

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