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7 strategies to stay top of mind in 2024

By Staff Reporter
13 October 2023 | 12 minute read
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The agents poised for success in 2024 will be those who stay consistently visible and top of mind among their clientele, according to a marketer.

Bespoke Media’s Nic Fren believes the game for agents over the coming year will be “won or lost” based on their ability to be front and centre.

“In the real estate world, market share is the key to success. Agents who dominate the market are the ones who receive the majority of calls and, consequently, the most listings. It’s about gaining market share and, more importantly, retaining it in the face of a potentially tightening market,” he professed.


Sharing that he’s been “genuinely impressed by the innovative and captivating content that agents, agencies and networks have been putting out recently”, the marketer stated it is evident that they understand the importance of cutting through the noise.

“As we approach 2024, the primary goal for real estate agents and offices should be to secure market share swiftly.”

He argues that “the most effective way to achieve this is by generating more sales, which, in turn, starts with acquiring more appraisals and listings”.

“The foundation of this entire process lies in getting called in by potential clients, and this hinges on your marketing efforts,” he went on.

So, how can agents and business owners “saturate” their marketplace?

Mr Fren proposes seven strategies that can be used in conjunction with each other for best results.

  1. Direct mail (DLs) and flyers

“Don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing methods. These tangible materials can still leave a lasting impression.”

  1. SMS marketing

Look to reach potential clients directly on their smartphones, where they spend a significant amount of their time.

  1. Community engagement

“Participate in local Christmas events, set up stalls at community gatherings, and be an active member of your neighborhood. Building trust and connections within your community can be invaluable.”

  1. Email marketing

The marketer advises crafting “compelling” email campaigns that allow agents to stay in touch with their base – and ultimately keep them informed about the market.

  1. Social media organic content

Consistent sharing of valuable content on social media platforms can showcase expertise and build out an online presence.

  1. Social media paid ads

By investing in targeted advertising, an agent can better expand their reach and connect with potential clients “who might have otherwise been overlooked”.

  1. Collaboration

Partner with other professionals to help amplify the message and broaden your ability to influence across the industry.

All in all, Mr Fren acknowledges that while the 2024 real estate landscape may present its share of challenges, “it also offers abundant opportunities for those who are proactive and innovative”.

“By adopting a robust and multifaceted marketing strategy, real estate professionals can position themselves to thrive in the face of uncertainty and come out as winners in the year ahead,” he concluded.

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