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Harcourts taps digital marketing for future growth potential

By Orana Durney-Benson
26 October 2023 | 1 minute read
Harcourts REACH reb quolyv

A new AI-powered platform “will drive Harcourts marketing to a whole new level”, the company claimed.

It has been a big week for real estate super network Harcourts, which has launched a cutting-edge digital marketing tool and a new digital marketing team in the space of just a few days.

Harcourts REACH is an advertising platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to extend the brand’s social media reach.

With the aid of AI, the tool generates over 100 different variants of each individual ad and analyses their reception by audiences. High-performing ad variants are amplified, while low-performing ad variants are culled, according to the network.

To get REACH off the ground, Harcourts joined forces with global technology giant CCT. As CCT’s Australian country manager Thomas Eun explained, REACH “distributes and optimises hundreds of ad variations for a single property across Facebook, Instagram, the Google Ad Network and LinkedIn for commercial property”.

With the capacity to reach “both active and passive real estate audiences”, according to Mr Eun, REACH will empower Harcourts to access a substantially wider range of potential clients, including people who are not consciously looking to buy or sell.

Harcourts NSW CEO Katrina Tarrant expressed her excitement at the partnership with CCT and the potential for the new tool “to help create value for our network and their customers”.

“Each REACH campaign drives thousands of potential buyers to the local Harcourts website, increasing local brand presence and establishing website relevance,” Ms Tarrant remarked.

To complement the inauguration of REACH, Harcourts has unveiled a new digital marketing team.

Two new faces will bring their expertise to the network: digital marketing manager Alicia Johncock and digital marketing coordinator Sam Jackson.

With over 15 years in franchise brand marketing, Ms Johncock is excited “to be part of a business who have a clear vision and strategy for the role digital will play to help drive future growth”.

Having previously worked across several other large franchises, Ms Johncock shared she is “looking forward to bringing the learnings I have seen work and combining these with the effort and investment our network is already making”.

Mr Jackson is equally enthusiastic to bring his repertoire of marketing skills to Harcourts, having real estate in his blood. He explained that with “parents in real estate, I’ve always had a passion for the real estate industry” so this opportunity allows him to “combine the best of both worlds”.

Internationally, REACH has already been proven to increase average sale price and reduce time on market. Given Australia’s high base of social media users, Harcourts suggested that the nation offers ideal conditions for its new hyper-targeted marketing.

Ms Johncock asserted: “Harcourts REACH will drive Harcourts digital marketing to a whole new level, not seen in the business before.”

Chief marketing officer Trent Sutton concurred, concluding that together, the launch of REACH and the appointment of Ms Johncock and Mr Jackson “positions the Harcourts network incredibly well to realise the future growth opportunities ahead”.

Harcourts taps digital marketing for future growth potential
Harcourts REACH reb quolyv
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