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Meet the REB Awards 2024 finalist: InvestorKit

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20 December 2023 | 6 minute read
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It’s a pleasure to introduce Investorkit, a finalist in the Buyer’s Agency of the Year category, with the awards to be held at Sydney’s The Star on 29 February 2024

REB is proud to showcase a number of finalists in the upcoming REB Awards 2024 in this special Q&A series.

Here, we chat with InvestorKit’s director and head of research, Arjun Paliwal.

Congratulations to InvestorKit on being named a finalist in the Buyer’s Agency of the Year category for the Real Estate Business Awards 2024. How does it feel to be recognised as a finalist?

It is a surreal feeling to be a finalist once again. In 2023 we took home gold, winning the prestigious REB Australia’s Buyer’s Agency of the Year – a recognition of our team’s efforts and most importantly the results and success of our client. One of the goals we set as a company is being one of, if not the first, buyer’s agencies to win the REB Buyer’s Agency of the Year for back-to-back years. Having an opportunity to be in the position of potentially doing this is a very special and humbling feeling.

Can you tell us a little bit about the business?

InvestorKit is Australia’s Buyer’s Agency of the Year for 2023, helping investors start and scale their property portfolio. Our vision is to be the most trusted, data-driven Buyer’s Agency for successful business owners and professionals looking to scale their portfolios. We assist those who:

  • Fear mistakes from past experiences or hearing “horror stories”.
  • Want to catch up on lost time and get past “analysis paralysis”.
  • Are time-poor, get “information overload”, and might put investing in the “too hard basket”.

Our values are:

Growth - we’re always seeking continuous improvement and strive to help others to do the same.
Clarity - there’s a lot of noise; we aim to simplify it and be a voice of reason.
Humility - we’re humbled to serve and never forget it’s a privilege.
Diligence - we do the research, give our time and knowledge generously, and we don’t cut corners.
Results - we will always have our client’s best interests at heart and be fully invested in their success.

Talk to us about your growth and achievements over the past 12 months?

- Over the last 12 months we saw over 50 per cent increase in reviews.

- Crossed over 200, five out of five-star Google reviews; and continue to keep a 100 per cent client satisfaction rate with regard to Google reviews.

- Won Australia’s Buyer’s Agency of the Year for REB Awards 2023 and was a finalist for the Rising Star of the Year category.

- Continue to outperform the national market by over 29 per cent with regard to our clients’ capital growth average in comparison to the national market.

- Correctly predicted Australia’s growth markets and invested in hundreds of properties for our clients across all of them.

What do you think sets the business apart from other buyer’s agencies?

A combination of key factors sets us apart from other buyer’s agencies.

- Our investment into research and technology sets us apart. Across Australia, there isn’t a buyer’s agency whose research is more featured and more accurate in the media. This will continue to be a benchmark set amongst Australia’s buyer’s agencies and why so many buyer’s agencies across the nation turn to us for their information, with many downloading our monthly white papers and staying up-to-date with our blogs. It’s this investment and focus on the data that continue to see us have repeat rates of clients at very high levels due to the equity build up in their portfolios. We have, on average, outperformed the national market capital growth average by more than 29 per cent each year over the last five years.

- Our one-to-five client ratio. We have multiple divisions coming to support our clients to get the best experience they can have: research, portfolio strategy, acquisitions and due diligence, buying, and client success. Instead of having one person wear every hat and be stretched in the same 24-hour, we feel our clients deserve the best for each area. Our unique structure sets us apart – giving clients an advisory approach, one matching the private banks of the nation.

- More than 53 per cent of our properties secured each month are off- or pre-market. We consider ourselves nationwide leaders of building relationships at scale, from travelling across the nation for market field trips, to making thousands of phone calls with real estate offices each month to secure stock, giving our clients an extra channel and edge in securing the right stock for their portfolios.

What can we expect from InvestorKit in the year ahead?

- You can expect increasing investment into artificial intelligence and technology in order to enhance our client experience and customer outcomes. From the yearly increasing accuracy in our market prediction technology, to our client portals and research dashboards, these will all see a large facelift. Our 100 per cent client satisfaction rate is something we endeavour to maintain with the improvements.

- Over 53 per cent of our purchases in recent times are off- or pre-market properties. With the continued expansion of our acquisitions team over the next 12 months, we expect to see this number continue to rise.

Best of luck at the REB Awards 2024!

You can find out more about InvestorKit here.

Meet the REB Awards 2024 finalist: InvestorKit
arjun paliwal 2023 spi mgh4jf
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