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Culture is critical, but what exactly defines it?

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15 February 2024 | 6 minute read
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Regardless of how slick your office is, how beautiful the branding, or how talented the people are in your team, there is one critical ingredient that impacts everything within a business. Quite simply it is culture. This almost indefinable quality affects every element of your operation.

It is the drawcard that sees good people seek to work with you, the strength that allows your team to unite in the face of challenge, and the hidden allure that sees clients choose your services and not those of someone else.

Culture is what people feel. And in my experience, it doesn’t happen by accident, nor can it be faked. Every team member, client and interaction is part of the culture of your business, but the big question is what exactly defines it?

A simple phrase

At Agents’Agency our culture can be encapsulated in a single simple phrase: ‘We do great work, with great people’.

It’s a sentence that espouses not just what we do, but who we are and exactly what we stand for as part of a story that belongs to every member of our team, every individual real estate business we help create, ever6y agent we support, and every supplier and client we work with.

And no, it’s not a phrase brought about by accident. Each element of that value is considered.

  • ‘We’ - signifies unity. It’s about togetherness and a team. It’s inclusive.
  • ‘Do’ – Speaks to the fact we get it done. We don’t do mediocre. We make it happen and we take action.
  • ‘Great’ - Is just that. Not clever, just real, and executed to a consistently high standard.
  • ‘Work’ - We do work we are proud of, and yes, we always sweat the small stuff. Detail matters.
  • ‘With Great People’ - We seek to work with people who share our values, whether that’s our team, our clients, our partners, our suppliers, and everyone we interact with. Great people know the difference between right and wrong. Great people support each other. Great people make it easy to come to work. Great people inspire, and they step beyond their comfort zone.

We live and breathe this culture

The phrase above incorporates just simple words, but it’s how we live and breathe it that sees it ripple through our business.

Truth is, it’s a set of values we have long known but only recently managed to clearly define.

They are the standard we hold ourselves accountable to and the way we measure our success.

These values motivate us and define us, and I’m proud to say they are evident in both the small actions and the large.

You can find them everywhere from the way we speak with each other to the gratitude and appreciation we genuinely have for those who choose to work with us as team members, suppliers, clients, and partners.

Ideally, these values are evident in each email, each phone call, and each activity we undertake. As a result, they’re apparent in the quality of the work we deliver and the lasting relationships we forge.

But that’s not to say it’s all roses and clover and endless days of smooth sailing.

Culture helps us meet challenge

Every business will have its challenges, but it’s culture that allows us to meet those head-on.

People remember how you make them feel, and when your team, suppliers, partners, and clients feel valued, understood, and appreciated they will go above and beyond to surmount any obstacle.

Culture also empowers us to learn. Whenever there are challenges and pain, there is always a lesson and growth that follows - a new energy, a new opportunity.

With a strong culture, a team is empowered to admit their mistakes, find opportunities, and embrace the lesson and growth which follows.

Or at least that’s been my experience as part of the Agents’Agency leadership team.

I know our team members go above and beyond to ‘do great work’. And I am genuinely humbled by and grateful for the great people we are privileged to work with.

Great is our benchmark

For the Agents’Agency our culture has underpinned our growth. People joining us often remark on this, describing it in any number of ways.

They speak of people, positivity and values and they talk of how that makes them feel.

But it’s no accident, and I’m proud to see it play out each and every day.

No matter whether we’re enjoying success or facing the occasional challenge, great remains our benchmark.

‘We do great work, with great people’ and if that’s something you’d like to be part of, you can learn more at https://www.agentsagency.com.au/ or reach out directly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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