Top agent’s tips for time management

Top agent’s tips for time management

20 September 2013 by Staff Reporter 0 comments

Australia’s number two-ranked sales agent, Marcus Chiminello, says one of the most important elements of an agent’s success is the one that is hardest to master: time management

Irrespective of skills or experience, the only equalizer we have in this industry when compared with our competitors is time.

Those who only know a little, but who get the most out of their time, are far more successful and consistent than those who know everything yet still get very little out of their day.

Essentially, successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do – every day, when they are supposed to do them, not when they feel like doing them.


Analysing, changing and improving what I did with my time to ensure I was more productive was the single most important thing I did to multiply my business.

No script, seminar or presentation kit will have as profound an impact on your business as a disciplined, productive day.

Your time is limited so make the most of it and don’t waste it because you will never get it back.

These are the five key time-management strategies that I have implemented to dramatically increase my business:


Some plan the night before but I prefer to plan my day first thing every morning, before the working day starts, based on what I want to achieve that particular day. This will keep your day on track.


The first and only thing you should ask yourself when doing this is: ‘What is the next task that is most likely to make me money?’ Prospecting will make you more income than shuffling paper .

Ensure that you allocate time for your non-dollar productive time – for things such as replying to emails or your own administration work.


How you start your day will ultimately determine what type of day you have.

I exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, plan my day and start before my competitors. The more you can get done before 9am, the better the day you have.

Imagine how great your day will be if you had your daily plan set, emails sent, a few calls made, plus some exercise – all before your competitors have walked into the office?


Take that piece of paper with your ideal week printed on it and throw it in the bin – now! It has probably been pinned up in front of your desk for months now, torturing you.

We need to be reactive to listings, offers and deals. Most will find if they get an offer on a Tuesday, when they should be prospecting in their ideal week, they will be thrown off track and find it hard to return to their ideal week until the week starts again on Monday.

Instead, have ideal daily tasks.

Have them listed and prioritised each day when you plan it. This will give you flexibility to return to your next ideal task if you need to react to a task that is far more dollar-productive.


Achieve something every day – that’s how your progress is made and momentum is achieved. A great way of doing this is to ask yourself this question: What does a great, productive day look like for you?

Is it a specific number of contact calls, quality database entries, listing presentations?

Analyse what your perfect, productive day looks like, then just repeat it every day.

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