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The world has changed, we’re betting the company on it.

11 February 2021 John Hellaby, Chief Digital Strategist for Market Buy

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Sitting out the back of the surf, waiting for the next set of waves like he’d just walked off the movie set of Point Break (the original, not the rubbish remake), David Stewart, founder of Market Buy took a call on his Apple watch.

It was a support call from one of the 3,500 agents with access to Market Buy in 2021.


This is the new real estate industry and it’s completely at odds with the old guard. It was only 7 short years ago, the old guard finally decided that all listings should really be uploaded to the internet. had been around since 1995.

But the times “they are a-changing” and technology is now rapidly becoming the key focal point of agents and agencies old and new alike.

Aside from the obvious and blatant plug of online offer management systems like Market Buy (wink wink, nudge nudge), customer service and support is rapidly being overhauled with tech to deliver  significantly more personalized and high-touch experiences.

Phrases like “client journey” are becoming the norm and are not just referring to the seller, but every interaction anybody has with your brand.

Reviews are massive and are often seen as reliable indicators of what to expect when hiring a company. Something that REIQ Chairman, Peter Brewer, predicted some years ago in a number of keynote speeches.

Speed has become huge, numerous studies have shown that your response time directly influences a potential clients decision to use your services. Even more so, the importance of support during and after the sale – phrases like “client experience” and “client-centric focus” are more than just buzzwords.

It’s something that we have taken onboard at Market Buy with all the seriousness of a “bet the company” moment. We’re all in on supporting agents and helping agents to support their clients.

Every decision we make is processed through the filter of “How does this improve the client experience, how can our agents grow and succeed more off the back of this?”

It’s a filter we all should adopt in this technology centric world – leveraging technology is the key to massive success moving forward, we’ve known this for years, but you will only succeed to the extent that you use tech to put your client first.

All this begs the question, “Alright John, what tech are you using to ensure Market Buy puts it’s agents and their clients first?” 

With a cheeky grin and a glint in the eye, my reply is simply this: “Watch this space.”


-John Hellaby

Chief Digital Strategist for Market Buy


The world has changed, we’re betting the company on it.
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