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What does your car say about you as an agent?

By Propps
30 November 2021 | 1 minute read
solus dec21

Promoted by Propps.

A nice car seems to have become part of an agent’s uniform. Does it leave a good first impression? Does it help project success? What does your car say about you?

Perceptions are real and first impressions definitely count. The car we drive no doubt leaves some kind of impression on others. We at Propps (pioneers of the 'Make an offer' button and digital offer process) got curious, so we interviewed a few random people to see what the following cars made them feel about the agents who drove them. We had such a good laugh, that we decided to post the candid responses.

Mazda CX9

"Super real. They have a family, have taste but also have their financial priorities straight. Likely uses Propps because it's universally appealing to all buyers."

"Relatable. Easy going."

Audi A4 / Mercedes C Class

"Calculated. Knows how not to annoy vendors when asking for commission."

"A bit fancy pants. Would depend on what they're wearing too."

Kia Carnival

"Would definitely be selling my place – understands kids and big families."

"The wet patch on their shoulder is probably baby vomit."

"Multitasker. Fit in 3 opens between pickups. When you need something done, ask a busy person."

Golf GTI / R

"Young. Risk taker. They'll only let you sign the contract when it's sideways."

"Mid-twenties, wants to be successful. Let’s hope they don’t have a 40% balloon payment on the car; they should know what a good and bad investment looks like. Doubt they’d even have heard of Propps."

"Has taste. Fun but elegant."


"Single. Make your wedding ring visible."

"Probably sells houses near a beach, is an empty nester."

"If the top's down and they wear a scarf, it's a red flag."

Toyota Camry

"Owns their car outright (unless they splashed out on the Euro package)"

"Has a happy work/life balance."

"Cooks their own meals. No Youfoodz here."

"Definitely maximises the Propps announcements feature and has a 5 star review on ratemyagent."


“Spirit of adventure. A balanced agent who loves their job, gets their weekly dose of social interactions at work, and escapes to the wild on weekends.”

“Keen to switch to adventure mode, so doesn’t want to waste too much time with sales admin – definitely loves Propps then.”

“Down to earth. As long as it’s dirty. Snorkels don’t help people get through traffic faster.”

Mazda 3

"Straightforward. Reliable."

"Just got their agents rep certificate, waiting for their first pay to approve finance on the euro upgrade."

“Inconspicuous. And that probably helps because it avoids any quick judgements.”

Ferrari or Lamborghini

"Listed it before they've even walked through the front door on reputation alone."

"Two seats? One for the agent, the other for their personal videographer."

“Ooh, this one is tough. They’re probably smart and successful but because I’m envious, I’d never let them know.”


“Super classy. Powerful presence, yet elegant. Cares about the details. Also why they got onto Propps early.”

“Also owns a tank for when they pick up some milk and bread. Uses a chainsaw to kill a mosquito.”

“Definitely tasteful, but probably the most cliché car. I guess that could be a good thing – it’s a telltale sign of a career agent.”


“Progressive, cares about the bigger picture, but at the same time stays elegant.”

“Modern. Embraces the times. Definitely uses Propps.”

“Is either a great agent or got lucky with BitCoin.”

Psychologists tell us that things we own help us communicate to others who we believe we are or want to be. Suits, jewellery, bags and cars are all the bits and pieces that make up our 'extended self'. But everyone perceives things differently, so it’s important to remember that while everyone is quick to judge, it’s most important to remember to just be yourself.

You do you.

What does your car say about you as an agent?
solus dec21
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