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How Indoor Mapping Can Revolutionize the Major Industries in Today's World

By Get Digital Boost
19 January 2022 | 1 minute read

Promoted by Get Digital Boost.

Indoor mapping is a relatively new technology that is quickly revolutionizing the way we interact with our major industries.

With indoor mapping, businesses can track their customers' movements and create engaging custom experiences for them. This technology can also be used in public transportation, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Read on to learn how indoor mapping is changing the world today!

1. Real Estate

The ability to create a 3D map of a property is incredibly useful when it comes to real estate. With indoor mapping, you can show your client what the property looks like from different angles and how it fits into the surrounding area.

This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to sell a commercial building and want to show potential buyers what the space looks like in detail. For example, Sydney is known for high-rise buildings. For a new building to stand out from the crowd, you could invest in mapping the building interior in Sydney that will set your building apart from the rest. 

2. Retail

The ability to navigate a store digitally is something that shoppers have come to expect from their retail experiences. They want to be able to quickly find what they are looking for without having to ask for help or wander aimlessly through aisles..

Digitally mapping your retail store will allow shoppers to access the items they want easily, while also providing them with information about the products they are interested in. These apps are also a great way for customers to get coupons and promotions when they shop in your store.

Indoor mapping can also help you understand where your customers are looking at different points in time throughout their visit. This can be used for store layout planning and understanding customer behavior, which allows you to make changes that will increase sales.

For instance, if customers tend to look up at a certain point in your store, then you could consider putting merchandise on an upper shelf there so they have no choice but to look up and notice it.

3. Healthcare Facilities

As hospitals and other healthcare facilities continue to evolve, indoor mapping has become more important than ever before. For example, indoor maps can help hospital staff locate patients quickly and efficiently. They can also help with locating specific equipment or even pinpointing the location of a person who has been reported missing.

Indoor mapping is also extremely useful when it comes to planning renovations and construction projects. With an accurate map of a facility’s interior, hospitals can make sure their plans take into account any potential obstacles or hazards that may exist within a given space. This helps ensure that patients are not put at risk during any ongoing renovations.

Hospitals also use indoor mapping technology as a way of helping patients find their way around while they’re being treated there as well as letting family members know where their loved ones are located within the hospital complex during their stay.

4. Education Institutions & Schools

As more and more students are using their phones to access information on the go, indoor maps can help them find their way around campus. These maps can also help students find classrooms and other areas where they need to be during specific times of the day.

Another benefit of indoor maps is that they help students avoid getting lost in large buildings like libraries and stadiums. They can also help them navigate through unfamiliar areas of campus like student housing complexes, which are often located away from main campus buildings.

Indoor maps can be used by more than just students, too. They can also be useful for faculty members and other staff members who need to navigate around the campus on a regular basis. These maps can help them locate classrooms and offices where they need to go when working late at night or early in the morning.

The maps can also be useful for visitors and guests who are unfamiliar with the campus layout. They can help them find their way around the campus without having to ask for directions from students or faculty members.

5. Transportation

Transportation facilities such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals can all use indoor mapping so that passengers can easily navigate through these facilities without getting lost or confused.

This is especially helpful when there are multiple transportation options available at one location, which makes it hard for people to know where they should go if they want to catch a particular bus or train. Indoor mapping makes navigation at a station easier by guiding passengers to the nearest entrance or exit, as well as to the location of the nearest ticket counter.

How Indoor Mapping Can Revolutionize the Major Industries in Today's World
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