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Expand your horizon

By Staff Reporter
19 February 2013 | 3 minute read

These days, learning and education go far beyond the classroom, writes industry trainer and founder of Real+ Fiona Blayney

There was a time when, in the quest for new knowledge or the improvement of skill, you ventured into a room to be met by other eager learners. You were greeted by the welcoming face of your teacher as you searched for a seat from which to engage for the day.


Your day even included interacting with other students, and enjoying morning, lunch and afternoon tea. On leaving you would bid farewell to your new friends, remove your name tag and head back home with your workbook.

Fast forward to the morning after the day before. Arriving at the office, your co-workers ask, “How was the training day?”

A team meeting occurs, but your post-learning enthusiasm is squashed by peers: “That will cost too much, our clients wouldn’t like that, that won’t work”.

Imagine if the learning experience was shared by the whole team, if the opportunity for change was excitedly embraced by everyone. Consider the impact for the business?

Enter the benefit of online learning, where everyone gets the experience!

Traditional video and audio distribution have been replaced with online versions. Even in the simplest form of the smartphone, the availability of content is enormous; however, the irregularity of quality is vast.

Subscribing blindly to podcasts, YouTube, membership sites and even apps means finding the pot of gold can be tough, but once you find something you love and that works for you, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Here are some e-learning tools to consider on your quest for knowledge:

This is a virtual presentation to individuals or groups via a web link, accessed from a computer, iPad or smartphone. Webinar styles differ based on levels of interaction: a static webinar involves larger numbers of participants, with little interaction, whereas an interactive webinar involves a smaller group, with feedback throughout.

Coaching involves 50 per cent pre- formatted program and 50 per cent group- and individual-driven content.There is high interactivity, homework and accountability, and attendees are required to undertake activities between sessions.

‘Kindle books’ are a far cry from the interactive potential of an iBook. An iBook, available via the web, may include video, audio, interactive activities and resource links.

The benefits of online learning for a business are not just reduced expenses and flexibility.
It’s time and consistency. Online learning can be done in less time, by more people, with a consistent message.
Like most of the great things in life, however, the online learning space is not free. You get what you pay for. Happy browsing! FIONA BLAYNEY is the founder of Real+, an industry first e-learning platform assisting businesses to improve skills, retain staff, increase service and grow their business

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