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Culture of success is harmony between sales, PM

By Steven Cross
25 February 2013 | 9 minute read

There are many ways to create a culture of respect between the sales and property management departments.

But according to Alana Williamson, head of property management at Creer Property in Charlestown, NSW, who was ranked third in Real Estate Business’ Top 50 Sales Offices ranking, having the office working in harmony is the only way to run a successful business.

"The best source of business for any real estate company is referrals," she said.

"So whether that be tradespeople, vendor, purchaser, landlord or tenant referrals, it’s a huge pile of referrals and our reputation for sales and property management relies on them to give us such a market presence."

And with 900 properties on the rent roll across Charlestown and the rest of Newcastle, the system appears to be working.

"It’s imperative both sales and property management under the Creer banner are representing that in all aspects. We have a very close relationship with our sales department," she said.

"Our referral basis is very good. We only have a very small amount of properties on our rent roll that we lose to other agents when it’s time to sell, and that’s all from that relationship between the property manager and the landlord which gives them the trust to sell the property with us.

"And that works the other way too. So when an investor has just made a purchase, being able to retain that as a management is easier and is overall good for the business."

Internal referrals between the departments are the best type of leads, Ms Williamson said.

"They're the hottest leads, because they're not sitting on their hands. They're actually active in the market at the time."

But Ms Williamson admitted it’s not just her work that creates the harmonious environment.

"It stems from the culture and a big part of that comes from our director, Craig," she says.

"We go away every year for a three-day camping trip, both the sales and property management department. It’s the best bonding session.

"I've worked in other agencies and been in real estate for 14 years and from what I've seen, a lot of other directors don’t have a direct interest in property management, the sales people would always get the spoils and the quirks.

"But at this office, we’re definitely treated the same. We get the new and upgraded computers too, we also get the good phones. We also get lots of money to go toward training and we get to go to heaps of conferences every year.

"We’re all paid above award wages and all have remuneration bonus. So all that motivates us and creates this culture, which shows us that we’re a valued part of the business."


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