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From the eyes of the tenant

By Hermione Gardiner
08 April 2014 | 11 minute read

I have recently been in the market for a rental property.

Blogger: Hermione Gardiner

Whilst conducting my own rental search, I have been taking note of my consumer experience as a prospective tenant in order to be able to deliver live customer feedback, information and training to our property management clients.


I’ve almost felt like a mystery shopper at times, secretly taking note of the quality of advertising and photos, accuracy of descriptions and photos, response times from agents, presentation of the agent and presentation of the property.

Along the way I also reviewed the application process across several agencies and, in particular, how I have been treated as a prospective tenant, and ultimately how this affected my decision in choosing which properties to visit and ultimately lease!

There were definitely some property inspections and agent response times that left me feeling bad for the landlord that the agent’s actions had turned me off renting their property! And even further still that if I was a prospective landlord that I would not be choosing that agent to lease my property.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the agents were doing a great job. However, my experience was very interesting and eye opening, which has helped me identify some key areas that leasing agents need to work on at the leasing stage of their property management process. (Without meaning to toot our own horns, I was very pleased to see that one of the best experiences I had was with an agency who is a Real+ Member undergoing regular training across their property management team – the proof is in the pudding).

Today I’ll be hosting a webinar on leasing – in which we’ll be talking about ways to get properties leased faster, reduce vacancy and ways to make your lives easier. I can tell you now that what I’ve learnt from being a prospective tenant will be going into this session, so be sure not to miss this one if you want to know how to improve your leasing process!

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