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Selling to property investors

By Jason D'Souza
02 May 2014 | 3 minute read

Using your depreciation knowledge to get more of your investor prospects to become clients

As a Real Estate Agent, when selling to investors it’s important to have a solid understanding of property depreciation and the real difference that depreciation can make for an investors cash flow.

The three key points you need to remember about property depreciation are

  1. Depreciation can make a big difference to the cash flow potential of a property
  2. Depreciation can help make a property more affordable for investors
  3. A Quantity Surveyor is generally required to maximise the depreciation deductions available

By helping your property investor clients to see the value of depreciation, you’re adding to the service you provide. You’re also demonstrating that you understand and can support their number one goal with their investment, to make money, both now and in the future.

Based upon the many questions we get asked by Real Estate Agents and Principals, we’ve created the following training video, available on the right to provide some ideas for how you can introduce depreciation during three key stages of selling the investment dream.

Video scenarios:

  1. Introducing depreciation during an open house walk through
  2. During a follow up call to a prospective investor after an open house
  3. Using a depreciation estimate to help sell projects off the plan

BMT also offer a range of additional services and tools to help Real Estate Professionals work smarter not harder to save their clients money.

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