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Leasing the dream

16 December 2014 | 10 minute read
mel dennis

Some agencies cannot see the value in a dedicated leasing consultant. In this global property market, we not only utilise the best software, we also have our best team matching prospective tenants with properties.

A dedicated leasing consultant gets the job done fast. Thanks to this, we boast a 0.01 per cent vacancy rate as we write, but consistently we are below one per cent!

Let me take you through our process and why it works so well.

Domain Property Advocates (DPA) uses Inspect Real Estate, a customised online booking service that allows prospective tenants to automatically register for opens and book their own inspection times. This software also enables DPA to contact the potential tenant directly via text and email to update them about the property and inspection times. Even if we are running a little late to an inspection, we can notify all those registered with the press of a button.

Inspect Real Estate also forms part of our extensive prospective tenant database. We keep them informed of other properties that may suit their needs, and the feedback we have received on our comprehensive communication is very positive. Prospective tenants are often too busy to look around for properties – our leasing consultant works tirelessly to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Being tech savvy as a business has never been more pertinent. DPA facilitates an online application that enables prospective tenants the ease of submitting quickly and easily. Of course, we still accept handwritten applications, however, as a team we could see how frustrated prospective tenants were, being handed a form at inspections to complete. Taking advantage of the online application process, prospective tenants can get their application to us any time, with little hassle. This form also interacts with Inspect Real Estate, so the details are automatically updated in the tenant database.

Our property open-for-inspections are in a league of their own. Our professional leasing consultant arrives with ample time to stage the property with not only standard material relating to the application process and tenants’ rights and duties under the Tenancies Act, but also a full property brochure, prepared in-house, complete with floor plan. This guarantees our property is remembered and stands out after a busy day of house-hunting for the prospective tenant.

DPA utilises key safes, making appointments easy at the last minute, or after business hours. Having a leasing consultant who is dedicated to finding the right tenant frees up our property managers to focus on providing superior end-to-end property management services. More often than not, real estate companies rely on their property managers to open properties and lease them, leaving them too stretched for time to effectively manage their portfolio.

Our cohesive business is due largely to our true team approach, with all departments servicing our clients with synergy. A leasing consultant has worked well for our business structure. Our clients have benefited immensely, and our properties are leased to a better standard of occupant, faster.

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