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Can a property manager be a friend‚ too?

By Kaylee Ferguson
13 May 2015 | 4 minute read
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Some people might find it odd when I say that in the real estate game, we aren’t in the business of property. 

What I mean is, we are actually in the business of people.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how good a property manager you are (I mean, what constitutes a good property manager anyway?).  It doesn’t matter how good your brand is or how high/low your fees are. What matters is how strong, and how real, the relationship is between you and your client. 

So why don’t we become more than just a property manager? Why not be an actual person, with thoughts and feelings?  Why not be a friend? 

To do this we need to make sure we are transparent. When it comes to business transactions, the number one thing that people expect is honesty. 

Be real. We are real people and the people we deal with are real people. Treat them that way and with the respect you would expect and nine times out of 10 it will be reciprocated. 

Add a personal touch! A simple tip is to remember something small about your client. You can even put a small note on your file, so when you chat to a client on the phone you have information right in front of you. It could be as simple as knowing which footy team they go for or knowing if they have kids and how many. Become interested in your client’s life: it shows that you care – and will also make those negative phone calls a bit easier if you already have a relationship with them.

Get face-to-face. This is when you become a person, not just a voice on the phone or words in an email. You need to be able to see facial expression and body language to really read someone. On the phone, we only get tone and in email we only get words! Meeting and dealing with people face-to-face will help build a relationship. It will alter how your client perceives you. And you may find it will alter your perception of them, too.

How cool would it be to have owners who you are excited to catch up with at an inspection? It would be even cooler if they felt the same way about you!

I recently had an owner say to me, “Kaylee, I have really enjoyed all the time that we have spent together”. It is probably the biggest compliment I have ever received since being in real estate. 



Kaylee Ferguson

Kaylee Ferguson

In the 9 years Kaylee has been in the real estate industry she has worked her way up through the ranks to become a senior property manager. She has been with LJ Hooker City Residential, WA since 2007. In those years she has been given the best training in the industry which has enabled her to give the best possible service to her clients.

Kaylee is very proud of her induction into the exclusive Captains Club which ranks her amongst the elite in LJ Hooker. Just recently, Kaylee was award a Multi-Million Dollar chapter induction that again highlights her dedication to her clients.

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