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Want to know 7 secrets to listing presentation success?

By hermione-gardiner
10 July 2015 | 12 minute read

Whilst preparing this week’s New Business Bootcamp training sessions on listing presentations, I realised there were so many intricate details to ensure you maximise every opportunity to win a new client at a listing presentation.

However if I had to pick my 7 key areas to focus on, they would be as follows.

Physical preparation

Ask more detailed questions in the initial phone call to ensure you can be best prepared for their situation. Send a great confirmation email with pre-listing information or even drop something off ahead of time. Allow enough time ahead of the appraisal to prepare, remember – nothing takes five minutes. Consider connecting to the prospect on social media so they can get a chance to know you.

Mental preparation

It is vitally important to get in the right headspace – a winning mindset, before you walk in the door. Remember, “whether you think you can, or you can’t – you’re right!” If you’re stressed or rushed from the day, take a moment to regain your composure, and work out what can get you re-fired up so they can see your energy and desire. I sometimes put on my “fire up” song in the car! The client can feel your energy and the importance of this is underrated.

First impression

It takes just three seconds for someone to form an impression and judgement of you, whether we like it or not. Ensure you are well dressed and presented, you have a smile on your face, look the person in the eye, maintain good posture, offer to remove your shoes. It might seem obvious but it’s these simple things that can make a difference in the person liking you and forming a good impression – and the small things such as presentation and shoe removal to show that you actually do have an eye for detail.

Rapport building

Rapport building is more than just small talk, it’s a very important psychological step of getting the prospect to like you and deem that you’re a trustworthy person. One great tip to support strong rapport building is to mirror/match the person (through tone/body language/energy). Adapting to them is an easy way to make them feel that you are ‘like’ them. If they are slowly spoken and reserved, it is best to match this rather than go in fast spoken high energy. It’s all about your adaptability.

Demonstrate your expertise

'Don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh' is one of our favourite sayings at Real Plus. How can you show the person your 100 per cent product and market knowledge through the use of data, or through your detailed review of the home – not just walking through saying how lovely everything is – but making comment on storage, tenant needs and safety risks.  Take notes.

Understanding needs

It is vitally important, before we go into our A-Z of why to use our agency,  that we spend more time getting to know what it is that the landlord wants and needs – all about their situation. This way, while we may have 100 per cent of our ammunition ready to go to win the business, if we are skilled and understand our client – we may only need to use about 10 per cent to win the business, as we are able to sell to them based on their needs – not what we think or assume they want! For some great dialogue questions on understanding their needs, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ask for the business

A client wants to feel wanted, that you want their business. It’s like when you go into a store but no one says hello or offers help – you don’t feel wanted and often I will leave and go elsewhere in this instance! Obviously an extreme example but it’s important to show them that you want the business. Consider asking “based on everything we have discussed today, would you be happy for me to take on the leasing and management of your property?” (And of course, ensure you have the paperwork there to sign them up on the spot.)

My coaching and mentoring clients who have put these into the mix have had great success with their new business. Remember, a prospect must go through the phases before they decide to use you – KNOW you, LIKE you, TRUST you, USE you. These steps will help you along the way to ensure you can cover the first three and accelerate your way to winning the deal.  Happy listing!



Business Manager - Real+

Hermione has been part of the real estate industry for over 10 years. From Property Management to Corporate Leasing, New Business and Team Management. She has successfully managed a broad range of clientele, and delivered winning new business growth strategies.
Excelling in areas of team training, leasing product development and implementation of new software, her invaluable skills have led her to Real+ where she is passionate about assisting our clients to achieve their maximum potential through the online learning experience, Real Plus.

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