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Providing more than management

19 August 2015 | 10 minute read
Melanie Dennis

Property management is an ever-evolving industry; clients require more support and assistance to maximise returns and growth than ever before.

Investors are savvy and knowledgeable in the 21st century and looking for more than simple property management – they're seeking strategic planning and mapping of their investment path. Our property management business is bolstered by the investment expertise offered by our advocacy business. Genuinely independent and impartial allows us to offer the holistic property investment approach so many investors crave.

There has been a sharp increase in the interest and use of our in-house ‘make-over’ division; in which we obtain quotes, execute small or large scale renovation and, once completed, devise a cutting-edge marketing campaign complete with a YouTube video to maximise the property's online presence and showcase the renovation completed.


Investors generally don’t have the time or necessary expertise to roll out a renovation of any scale without it taking an unreasonably lengthy period of time, costing them big money with a vacant property while works are slowly completed. With a crew of preferred trades who satisfy our strictest selection criteria, DPA can negotiate the most competitive price and ensure the work is completed quickly. Experienced in the delivery from start to finish, a planned timetable of works is compiled for all parties to agree and adhere to.   

Outsourcing the work doesn’t imply the investor loses the ability to provide a personal touch to their investment, if they desire. Their involvement can be as considerable as they choose, with the ability to make fittings selections and colour choices. As the process can be overwhelming for some, investors can defer the selection to our expertise - our recommendation is a close to neutral and inoffensive colour scheme with durable and quality fittings.

Understanding the significance of property depreciation and the appropriate schedules required to maximise a client’s potential claim, Domain facilitates a scrapping report prior to the works being completed as well as a depreciation schedule from the conclusion of the works to ensure our client’s accountant has all the correct details for the property. We comprehensively and seamlessly manage the process without distracting the client from their busy lives.

Monitoring the development is imperative; property inspections conducted regularly and thoroughly throughout the process ensure the works are completed to the highest standard and, most importantly, that the completion is mirroring the proposed schedule. Any hiccups, as there will invariably be, can be dealt with swiftly.

As we broaden our service and valuable additions to meet the market, we become acutely aware investors’ expectations are increasing. Investing in property and parting with a significant sum of money should be a strategic and professional step, and not left to chance. Positioning ourselves as experts in leasing, managing and renovating, we attract like-minded clients treating the industry with the clout it deserves.  

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