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Communication of the vacate process

By Hermione Gardiner
28 August 2015 | 10 minute read

Across all of the agencies we work with, this is one area of property management where the system fails when it’s not communicated to the tenant or landlord thoroughly – even if a company has a great internal system.

As a result, much time is spend toing and froing between the landlord and tenant arranging the vacate inspection, finalising payments, reporting on the inspection and finalising the bond. A lot of client frustration and misunderstanding, and thus conflict, comes from a lack of communication of the process. Often we know that things are under control, or what the next steps are, but we are not communicating this to our tenants and landlords.

We don’t make the invisible, visible.

Clients are more likely to get frustrated with us when they feel like they don’t know what is going on or when delivery expectations haven't been set. We know from our end that things are being taken care of and a system is being followed. However, from the outside looking in, the clients don't know what we do every day, and may feel that areas that have not been communicated to them are areas that aren't in control. Cue instant relationship breakdown.

 To lift your success and avoid stress in the vacate process, you must:

Communication of the vacate process
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Business Manager - Real+

Hermione has been part of the real estate industry for over 10 years. From Property Management to Corporate Leasing, New Business and Team Management. She has successfully managed a broad range of clientele, and delivered winning new business growth strategies.
Excelling in areas of team training, leasing product development and implementation of new software, her invaluable skills have led her to Real+ where she is passionate about assisting our clients to achieve their maximum potential through the online learning experience, Real Plus.

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