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Tackling property maintenance

11 September 2015 | 9 minute read

When it comes to property maintenance, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending mountain, although one that must be kept up to date, lest it crushes you under the weight.

Spring is upon us and usually it is a time when hordes swarm to Bunnings, looking for the next DIY project, and owners may start to awaken and think about renovations to maximise their investment. 

Having a sound process in place to handle maintenance can really save you time and stress down the track. So let’s take a look at some steps you could be taking:

  • When you receive the maintenance request, ensure that it is in writing and entered into your software
  • Seek authorisation from the owner, unless of course you have pre-authorisation for any repairs that can save you time
  • Prepare a work order from your software to email out to your tradesperson. You may also like to copy the tenant into this correspondence to advise that the work order has been sent, along with the details of the tradesperson
  • Follow-up is key. Don’t forget to follow up with the tradesperson to ensure the work has been completed. It’s a great idea to follow up with the tenant to make sure that the work has been completed satisfactorily.
  • When the invoice comes in, send a courtesy message or make a call to the owner to advise the invoice is in and that you will be making payment. This acts as another point of contact for that owner, keeps them updated and informs them that the invoice will be on their next statement so they can plan.

When it comes to larger maintenance such as renovations, ensure that when you are carrying out routine inspections that you are noting the possibility of new fixtures and fittings that may be needed in the future so that they are prepared for the inevitable.

Educating your owners on possible changes can assist in their budgeting and also shows that you are assisting in maximising their investment. The team at BMT Tax depreciation have some great apps available for free that can also help you with working out the value and depreciation of the property. It’s also a great tool for tribunal.

Don’t forget the outdoor areas either. With the bush fire season upon us, it is vitally important to ensure that gutters are cleaned from leaves and debris, decks are sound for those barbecues and that all swimming pools are compliant with legislation and safe.

Stay on the front foot with your maintenance and your future self will thank you for it as you have more time to enjoy the sunshine.

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